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Madi Brown Shares 10 Things About Becoming an Author @Madithe1brown #WomensFic

10 Things You Didn't Know About Becoming a Published Author
When you think about becoming a published author, most people think of  that individual being a creative person, or an intellectual individual. You visualize someone proudly John or Jane Hancocking stacks and stacks of books; each one containing wonderful content that they've provided. As a published author they've clearly “arrived,” but have you ever wondered about what it may have taken for them to get there? If you haven't, then you're about to be enlightened. And if you're an aspiring author then you'll probably want to thank me for listing these 10 Things That You Didn't Know About Becoming a Published Author.
1) You can be published, and  still be a nobody. Well, perhaps not a nobody, your immediate family and friends will know you. They'll give you kudos for what you did, but it'll only be because you told them that you wrote a book.
2) Being a published author doesn't happen overnight. You have two options. You can shop your manuscript around to literary agents or publishing house, or you can decide to publish it yourself. If you shop your manuscript around then you'll have to have a polished query letter, and your manuscript has to be top notch. You'll be submitting it to different people awaiting a yes or no. And if they do choose to give you a book deal, it could take up to a year for your book to be released.
Another note on going the self publishing route, It isn't to be taken lightly. Again, your manuscript needs to be polished in making certain that it has been proofed and edited. You'll need an eye-catching book cover, a marketing and promotion plan, and a few bucks to make it all happen.
3) You won’t be able to quit your day job. Don't you dare. Competition in the publishing world is fierce, and the stakes are high. The truth is, that you won't know how the general public is going to receive your work---not until
you actually put it out.
4) You need to have another book in the works. I know, it might sound crazy to be promoting one book while you're writing another, but if you're in this for the long haul, then you've got to have products. You need to be able to keep your new book reader fans happy while establishing your author platform.
5) If you decide to self publish, then you'd better do it right. Sure, it's okay to use Fiverr for a few simple gigs, but your book cover, editor, and formatters shouldn't be skimped on. Remember that this book is going to represent you.
6) You don't know it all because you have a book out. Don't be afraid to ask for advice from people who have more publishing industry experience under their belt. Helpful tips and being a part of a community can only benefit you in the long run.
7) You have to know how to sell yourself. Whether your book is traditionally published or not, you will have to be convincing about why they should read what you've written. The wise old adage, a closed mouth doesn't get fed really does apply.
8) You will doubt yourself. There will come a time when you may not like your sales numbers. It'll make you wonder why you even tried to be a writer in the first place. It'll be a test. You can switch up your sales tactics, pen another book, or completely give up.
9) If you misspell even one word while sending out any correspondence to anyone concerning your book, then you're inadequate. Okay, so maybe it's just me thinking that anything that I write should always be on point since I'm calling myself a published writer---even texts.
10) On the opposite side of the spectrum,  interviews of any kind will make you feel  super smart. Every time you answer complimentary questions about your title(s), it’s going to give a boost to your ego.You’ll feel like Stephen King.
There are lots of negatives and not too many positives in this list, but if you're ready to take on each challenge,then believe me, you're well on your way to being that published author; hopefully a very successful one!


"If you LOVE New York, if you’re a name-dropping, fashion fiend careerist; fed up with serial dating, plagued with a thirst for sex, then you’ll totally stalk me for what I've penned.” - Author, Madi Brown


29-year-old Emily Greene looks the part, but she’s still working on becoming a modern-day woman. Not that she’s one to back down from a challenge, but living as an eternal work-in-progress wasn't exactly the goal that she had in mind. It’s a harsh but true realization---the idea that that time isn't on her side, and the notion that wanting to have it all, doesn't mean getting it. The verdict is in; with zero prospects for a relationship and a stalled blogging career, Emily has every reason to believe that she’s been living a life too humdrum for her own good.

Making the change won’t be easy. She’ll have to do whatever it takes; start dating like a man, become more selective about which RSVP's she accepts, and work even harder at getting her dream job.The payoff’s huge; a modern twist on a storybook ending, but gains don’t often come without risks. In the here and now Emily just may be forced to choose...It’s got to be one or the other----the profession that she’s always wanted, or the love that she’s never had.

˃˃˃ Praise for Madi Brown & 

her debut novel, The Truth About Emily

"The added depth of character promises complexity but wraps everything in the saucy cloak of Emily's evolving personality and newfound beliefs about life, love, and the real nature of happiness. And this is where The Truth About Emily outshines many competitors, making it a recommended read for those seeking more than a standard romance novel." - D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Reviews

"This book has just about anything a girl would love to read about. If there's anything Emily Greene has is ISH and lots of it, oh the ending... This book is a total keeper, just anything about fashion to relationships to friends and family." - Y. Sanchez, Goodreads

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