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7 Questions with #Author David L. Dawson #AmReading #Paranormal #Romance

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Tell us a bit about your family.

My parents are divorced, though I do see them regularly.  have an older sister with a fourteen year old daughter, and a younger brother.

How do you work through self-doubts and fear?

Chocolate and Coca Cola Zero Cherry

What scares you the most?

Deep water

What makes you happiest?

I’m happiest when I’m writing and really getting stuck into the story.

What’s your greatest character strength?

I’m passionate about what I do.

What’s your weakest character trait?

I can get distracted very easily.

Why do you write?

Writing for me is a compulsion.  If I don’t write I get anxious.  If there’s a story in my head I have to free it.

Epic paranormal romance with a dystopian twist!All 6 parts of the epic Blood Dynasty Chronicles in one super-sized boxset!

Ashlyn Fountain has woken from a thousand year sleep.  Her family is dead.  Her friends are dead.  Her whole world is gone, replaced a new terrifying reality; a future ruled by vampires, where humans are viewed as cattle, and kept as slaves.  She is sold into slavery and bought by the powerful Sublimes, a decadent vampire family ruled over by the charming Grey Sublime and his wicked wife, Catherine.  Ashlyn resigns herself to her fate.  What can she do but accept what is her life now?
Then she meets Jensen Sublime and Union Jack.  Both are sexy, intriguing, and inject a little romance and mystery into her life.  Who will ultimately win her heart – the handsome vampire, or the man who could free her from slavery for good?
The Blood Dynasty Chronicles is a bold new paranormal romance series, fusing the passion and romance of vampire fiction with the adventure and intrigue of dystopian adventures.

This boxset contains the following:
1. The Girl From Yesterday
2. The Streets Are Paved With Blood
3. Masks
4. Movie Night
5. New Whitby
6. The First Vampire
That’s over 180,000 words of vampires, romance and dystopia!

OUT NOW – “Shadow of the Snow Queen”, a Blood Dynasty Chronicles Christmas Special, featuring a long tale all about Ashlyn, and several short stories featuring the other characters.

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Genre - Paranormal romance
Rating – PG-13
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7 Questions with #Author @KimberlyShursen (Hush) #AmReading #Thriller

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How do you work through self-doubts and fear? The only thing I fear is losing one of my sons or a person I care about. Failing has never made me fearful. A bigger fear would be to never try to achieve my goals.

What’s your greatest character strength? Loyalty. Once I take you in, I’ll never let you go.

What’s your weakest character trait? Writing for hours, sometimes forgetting about eating or sleeping.

Have you always enjoyed writing? Always. I am an introverted/extrovert. I enjoy being around people, but value and protect my alone time to write.

What writing are you most proud of? (Add a link if you like) I am proud of all three of the books I have written. I cannot write a book in two or three months. It takes a lot of time for me to research the cities, neighborhoods and even bars or restaurants where the novel takes place. Using HUSH as an example, I wanted the legal facts to be correct and spent hours talking to friends who are lawyers, and using an online law site where I paid for answers to legal questions.

What are you most proud of in your personal life?  I am proud that I am a strong role model for my three sons. We all go through difficult times in life. They have watched me pick myself up and dust myself off more times than they’ve wanted.

What book genre of books do you adore? Thrillers of any kind. I am not into blood and gore, or reading about it, but enjoy being held on the edge of my seat.

Soon after Ann Ferguson and Ben Grable marry, and Ben unseals his adoption papers, their perfect life together is torn apart, sending the couple to opposite sides of the courtroom.

Representing Ann, lawyer Michael J. McConaughey (Mac) feels this is the case that could have far-reaching, judicial effects -- the one he's been waiting for.

Opposing counsel knows this high profile case happens just once in a lifetime.

And when the silent protest known as HUSH sweeps the nation, making international news, the CEO of one of the top ten pharmaceutical companies in the world plots to derail the trial that could cost his company billions.

Critically acclaimed literary thriller HUSH not only questions one of the most controversial laws that has divided the nation for over four decades, but captures a story of the far-reaching ties of family that surpasses time and distance.

*** Hush does not have political or religious content. The story is built around the emotions and thoughts of two people who differ in their beliefs.
 EDITORIAL REVIEW: "Suspenseful and well-researched, this action-packed legal thriller will take readers on a journey through the trials and tribulations of one of the most controversial subjects in society today."

Katie French author of "The Breeders," "The Believer's," and "Eyes Ever To The Sky."

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Genre – Thriller
Rating – PG-13
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Mikey D. B. Shares His Inspiration for #SagaoftheNine #Area38 - #30SecondstoMars

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What inspired me to write my book?

This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars.  I got that album for Christmas in 2009, and the second I heard the first song, Escape, my mind went crazy.  Youtube it!  It’s the only way to properly visualize what I’m about to tell you.  

As that first song played, I imagined a man, tortured and beaten, sitting in a chair in the middle of an abandoned football stadium.  The war drums built and built and as they did, another man, a rebel, stepped into the scene and began to circle the one in the chair.  As the lyrics then played, I pictured that it’s what the rebel would be saying to the man in the chair.

Time to escape the clutches of a name,
No this is not a game,
It’s just the beginning.

I don’t believe in fate but the bottom line,
It’s time to pay,
You know you’ve got it coming.

The way Jared Leto says these words, it’s as if he’s seeking revenge for the destitute and war torn lifestyle the man in the chair caused.  Just then, he and a crowd of people shouts:

This is war!

I was listening to that song on a major sound system, taking in the details of all the instruments and voices, and when this declaration of war sounded out, the bass shook and goose bumps shot all up and down my arms.  The rest is history really.  I wanted to write about a revolution, and that album became a major player in my writing process.  I did end up getting stuck at one point.  The plot became a poor version of The Hunger Games that had a lot to do with some drama I was dealing with in the dating world.  That whole sad realization put the project on hold and I started a second one that ended up becoming the missing half to Area 38. 

I do have to say, that the ending though, it was my favorite part to write and is my favorite part to ask people about.  I came up with it while sitting on my bed.  No music this time, just was pondering and it came.  I won’t give any spoilers, but it leaves the reader asking “How--what just happened?”  It makes them mad because it seems so contradicting to the nature of a character, but that’s what I love about it.  

This book, Saga of the Nine: Area 38 leaves the reader asking these questions, and more, in utter confusion, while the rest of the three books in the saga are meant to answer those concerns.  The ending seems random to some, but that’s only because the reader is missing a huge middle chunk.  They’ve read ABC and then X.  They don’t know the rest of the alphabet, and that’s where books two, three and four come in.
Saga of the Nine

Change affects everyone and it is no different for Jackson. Living in Area 38 for as long as he can remember, he knows of no better way to exist than under the tyrannical rule of Christopher Stone, son of Stewart Stone from The Nine of The United Governmental Areas, aka The UGA. This all takes a dramatic turn when Jackson finds a red, metal box buried in his yard, filled with illegal artifacts—journals, a Bible, CDs, etc.—that are from a man of whom he has no recollection of: Mica Rouge.

 The year is 2036 and Mica, unlike Jackson, does know of a better way of life but is torn apart as he sees his country, The United States of America, crumbling from within by group known as The Political Mafia. The Mafia has infiltrated levels upon levels of governmental resources and it is up to Mica and a vigilante group known as The USA Division to stop them and their dark Utopian vision. To their demise, and at the country's expense, The Division fails and has no choice but to watch The Constitution dissolve and transform into The UGA.

In a final stand, having not given up hope, Mica and what is left of The Division, give one final fight in Colorado, or better known as Area 38. However, all is lost as The Division is betrayed by one of their own, Stewart Stone. Mica is left with no choice but to hide in exile, leaving what little history he can of himself and the great United States of America, with his wife, long time friends, and newly born son in hopes that they will one day finish what he could not.

Jackson, having found this legacy twenty-seven years later, decides to start the war that will end The Nine, and he with an outcast group known as The Raiders, begins his fight with Christopher Stone in Area 38. Filled with betrayal, unity, despair, hope, hate and love Area 38 follows both Mica and Jackson in their attempts to restore what they believe to be true freedom, and where one fails, the other rises to the seemingly impossible challenge.

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Genre – Dystopian Thriller
Rating – PG13
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7 Questions with #Author @MarcADiGiacomo (In A Small Town) #AmReading #Thriller

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What book should everyone read at least once?
Behold a Pale Horse by Bill Cooper.

What is hardest-getting published, writing or marketing?
They are all difficult. I am an independent so that eliminates the first part of this question. As for writing and marketing, I find it very difficult to split my time between the two.

What marketing works for you?
Word of mouth and social media are my two favorites.

Do you plan to publish more books?
I just released Back In Town, the second book in A Small Town Series.

Is your family supportive?
Do your friends support you? Yes and yes. My family has been great throughout this entire process and some of my friends end up being my toughest critics.

What other jobs have you had in your life?
I was a police officer for almost 15 years prior to my writing career.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Somewhere in the mountains.

The shotgun blast catches Detective Matthew Longo by surprise. His world unravels into a nightmare that seemingly won’t end. Murder, rapes, pedophiles, the small town of Hutchville, N.Y. is changing. It is up to him to make a difference.
While partner Donny Mello is in Italy attending a funeral for a family member who is connected, to say the least, a beautiful F.B.I. agent waits to question him about his family business. Can Matt keep from answering the Agent’s questions? More importantly, can he hide a potentially career-ending secret from his community, his brother, and most especially Agent Cynthia Shyler?
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Genre – Thriller
Rating – R
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#BookReview - The Soul of the World by @JG_Silverman #ReviewShare #Fantasy

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The Soul of the World (Legends of Amun Ra, #2)The Soul of the World by Joshua Silverman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you like Game of Thrones, this series definitely deserves your attention. When I realised Leoros’ inner struggles I was a bit concerned that might overpower the plot. It didn’t. It blends in with the main plot and ties in with the other characters.

This reader would have it liked it better if there had been more than two lines for the book description. If I were to have seen this book on its own, I would not have purchased it based on the current description which does this book no justice. A longer blurb of at least 200 to 300 words covering the main angles would be more enticing for readers.

This reader liked the writing style which is consistent throughout. I read both books in the series and I would say writing wise, this is the stronger of the two. Secondly, I liked Potara for everything that it was. The best of times, the worst of times but there it stood as a central setting to The Soul of the World. Thirdly, while most fantasy books are intent on exaggeration, Joshua Silverman tells only what readers need to know while holding back just enough to invoke suspense.

Would I recommend this read? Absolutely. For fantasy readers, you will be transported to a whole different world in the best of ways. For the general reader, this book is not all fantasy and if you like a book with good writing or are looking for a new author to enjoy, this is definitely for you.

Overall assessment:
Content: 4.5/5
Editing: 4.5/5
Formatting: 4.5/5
Pacing: 5/5

Offensive content?: Based on language and settings, I would recommend this book for anyone aged 13 and above.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author. I did not receive any payment in exchange for this review nor was I obliged to write a positive one.

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Erin Sands Shares Her Confessions as a Time Traveler #NonFiction #TBR @TheDunesBook

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Confessions of a Time Traveler

What if you had a chance to do it over again? By “it”, I mean your life. What if you could go back in time and make a different choice? Right a wrong. Say “yes” instead of saying “no” or vice versa. Would you do it? I’m not offering, I don’t really have a time machine; just a very vivid imagination and a wisdom born from lessons learned the hard way. So indulge me for a moment while I take a ride back in time, ten years ago to be exact and find that younger version of me, sit her down and give myself the advice only the future me could provide.

Eat Better
As cliché as it may sound, the first thing I would tell myself is, “You’ve got to eat more vegetables, preferably raw. I know, I know, you’re in a season where you can eat a cheeseburger everyday, three times a day and it has no affect whatsoever on your weight or immediate well-being but trust me it will. Ten years from now when your hormones change and things slow down you will wish like heck that you started eating healthier sooner. So take my advice and do it today”.

Save Money
Ten years ago, a great pair of shoes had just as much importance as my rent. Ten years later, I know better. The second thing I would tell myself is to save money. “No matter how hard it seems, no matter what budget you may be on at the moment, each week, every pay check, put away some money. Gaining discipline over your finances will be an immeasurable help to you in the future and for years to come”.

Be Fearless
The lesson that I would absolutely impart to my younger self is to never let fear motivate any of my decisions. “Don’t say “yes” to something just because you’re afraid you will never get the chance again. Don’t say “no” just because you’re afraid of what might happen. Follow your joy and let peace be your guide. When you pursue your passion and walk in your purpose, you will not go wrong”.

Seize the Day
Ten years ago my goal was to be fluent in Spanish. Ten years later, I still have that same goal. The reason why I’m not fluent in Spanish is because I kept putting it off for some day. Some day I will have more time, some day I will find the perfect teacher. Some day never came. I would tell my younger self that “some day” is not a day of the week and anything that is worth experiencing is worth making time for. Seize the day!

Then I would give myself a hug and say, “Hey, even though you’re learning some lessons the hard way, your future is bright. You married a great guy, you wrote an awesome book and that was just the beginning…”


Born in Cincinnati, Ohio and raised in the Bay Area of Northern California, Erin grew up with an innate love for dance, theatre and the written word. A graduate of Loyola Marymount University, Erin began her career in the arts as an actress and choreographer. After booking several notable roles in television and film, Erin began to use her gift of writing in blogs featuring political and social commentary, as well as developing content for theatrical use.

Although The Dunes, is a divine departure from Erin’s previous writings it is by far her most cherished work to date. “I wrote The Dunes initially as self therapy because I needed to release some painful experiences and disappointments from my past. I had this thirst to walk in the complete fullness of life with joy as my constant companion. I had no idea what effect it would have on other people. But when I saw people read it and be released from fears that had held them back for years…when I saw people forgive and be able to walk in the freedom forgiveness brings…when I saw people commit and serve and how those things opened up new opportunities in their life, I was just humbled. Humbled by the awesome power of God and humbled that I had been allowed to go along for the ride”.

When asked why she writes, Erin pauses and reflects on the truth of her heart. “I write because although I am only now beginning to truly love the process, I have always loved the outcome. Like a composer, words become my notes. I string them together in song eliciting the response of my reader, grafting a picture of my soul. Where besides the written word can you effect change so utterly and so succinctly? What besides the written word can pierce the universal collective mind? Everything begins with a thought, but it isn’t until that thought is articulated in written word and those words passed down can life changing movement happen. It must be written, it must be expressed on tablet, and when it is, we all become greater, whether the writing be genius or fatuity, it has evoked thought and debate. Why wouldn’t I want to be apart of that phenomenon? Why wouldn’t I want to share my story, give my testimony…add my paradigm to the mix? Whether it is a novel, a poem, an essay or an article, it is humanity visited. An insight into a new or sometimes shared truth. In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God. And with that I live my life”.


If there was a journey that could masterfully change your life in seven revelations...would you take it? 

In life, sometimes the kernels of wisdom and the richness of revelation can be found in the most innocent of stories; and so it is with The Dunes. Join one man and one woman in an exquisitely simple yet remarkably profound journey as you discover with them that the mountain you must climb in order to live the abundant life of your dreams is located squarely within your heart. 

Illuminated in seven revelations; The Dunes carries the reader on a journey to not only examine the obstacles that are holding them back in life but to conquer and over come them as well. With each revelation The Dunes intimately calls on the reader as the journey companion to face a challenge…a dare if you will that requires an uncompromising commitment to change. In the family of faith-based self help books, The Dunes stands alone, simultaneously taking the reader from fiction to life and back again, equipped with a tailor made journal for the readers inner most secrets and reflections. The Dunes is part allegory, part testimony and part journal, but the best part is the healing it offers your heart. When you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and step into the miracle of your life…The Dunes awaits. 

CAUTION: Readers of this book are subject to significant changes for the better. Side effects may include frequent smiling and enjoying life in every season.

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Genre – Non-fiction
Rating – G
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Erick Galindo on Meeting Deadlines & Staying Sane @ErickGEEE #LitFic #AmReading

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How to Meet Deadlines and Remain Sane

The best way to view deadlines is to embrace them. That doesn’t mean you have to love them or kill yourself to meet them. But it does mean you have to use them as a tactical advantage in the process. Writing is real work. It’s like any other gig in that respect. You are making something. Yeah it is art and yes it is unlike any other job in so many ways but you are just putting out a product. And all that requires a process.

Everyone has their own way of turning out pages. Some people plan specific writing hours or set daily and weekly goals. Some are more spontaneous about getting writing done. A deadline can actually benefit either style. A deadline, by its very nature, adds pressure. And pressure can be overwhelming if you let it be a stifling force. But pressure can also be a much needed catalyst.

For example: If you are the type of writer who wakes up every day at 6 a.m. and churns out a minimum of 1000 words per day as part of your process, you might be a few steps ahead of more spontaneous writers. But writing is more than just putting words on paper. It requires reading, editing and rewriting. It also requires consuming art and other peoples words.  It requires research. It requires living.

A deadline, even for the most organized writer, gives you a goalline. Like in football, everything you do as part of your process should be a means to get the ball past that goalline. Don’t just write because it’s 6 a.m. Write with purpose. Write because you have something to say or write to workout a puzzle or problem in last weeks pages. Or don’t write at all. Go live. Read a book. Use the pressure of the deadline to be more efficient.

Even if you are the type of writer or artist who doesn’t have a routine, a deadline can be a blessing. It will get you to think about a plan in the sense of the bigger picture. You don’t have to do anything that will stifle your creativity. Simply make a plan that gets you from A to B in the best way possible so that when you get closer to the deadline, you aren’t feeling completely off guard.

In any case, use the deadline to see that, in a very important way, this is just a gig. It’s easy to be consumed by writing a novel or a story especially the closer you get to the imposed due date. But there is life outside of the gig. Make sure you make time to just say “fuck it” and go do something easy and simple. If you let the pressure push you to the finish line and take time to separate yourself from it, even if it’s just a nap or an episode of the Real Housewives, you will be just fine.


A winner of the Hollywood Book Festival, So Go On and Live poignantly and bitingly captures the angst and restlessness of modern American youth. Pedro "Pete" Salcedo, a young but worn down journalist, is on a figurative and metaphorical journey through the absurdity of life, America and beautiful women. 

After accepting a prestigious job in Washington, D.C. and subsequently losing the love of his life, Pedro loses himself, first to his work, then to the road and eventually to the apathy, alcohol and cynicism that permeates through youth culture. Pedro struggles, like many of his generation, to get his life in order and hang on to love, sanity and pathos in this modern world, where women, relationships and sexuality are constantly evolving. 

So Go On and Live is a wild and emotional expedition into the existential and farcical perspective of a drunken, Mexican-Irish, would-be poet offering a new breed of optimism that comes with a nihilistic twist.

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Genre - Literary Fiction
Rating – PG-13
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@BooksBySAcross Worlds: Collision by S. A. Snow #SciFi #Erotica #AmReading

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Jane expected six months undercover to be hard; she expected it to be lonely and bleak. She didn’t expect to find love. 

Jane Butler, a CIA operative, is assigned the task of infiltrating the Xanthians and determining if they’re a threat to humanity. Going undercover as a Xanthian mate, she boards the transport ship and meets Usnavi—her new mate. After spending six days traveling through space, Jane is ecstatic to explore the Xanthian station and soon sets out to complete her mission. The only problem? Usnavi—and the feelings she is quickly developing. 

Fumbling their way through varying sexual expectations, cooking catastrophes, and cultural differences, they soon discover life together is never boring. As Jane and Usnavi careen into a relationship neither of them expected, Jane uncovers dark secrets about the Xanthians and realizes she may no longer be safe. When it becomes clear she’s on her own, Jane is forced to trust and rely on Usnavi. Simultaneously struggling with her mission, her feelings for Usnavi, and homesickness, Jane faces questions she never imagined she would have to answer.

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Genre – Blended Science Fiction, Erotica
Rating – NC17
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7 Questions with #Author Craig Staufenberg @YouMakeArtDumb #AmReading #MiddleGrade

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How do you work through self-doubts and fear?
I’ve never been able to talk myself out of self-doubt and fear. I don’t recommend anyone else tries it. You just end up thinking in circles. The second you think you’ve rationalized away your issues, they come raring back and you return to the same sort of circular thinking. Instead, I work through self-doubt and fear by getting honest feedback on my writing from strangers. Most self-doubt and fear comes from uncertainty. In general, and specifically in writing. But once you share your writing with others you remove a lot of that uncertainty. You see and feel how they respond. If there are big problems to deal with, you identify them. If the writing is basically there, then you can accept it. Most important—you go through the emotional experience of handling the responses of strangers. And that inoculates you. It’s easier to move forward when you know how others react to your work, you know how you react to their reactions, and there are fewer wild cards in play. Eliminating uncertainty removes most of the problems; lowering expectations handles the rest.

What scares you the most?
I used to be scared of “failure” as a writer. But that’s such a nebulous term. At the time I defined it in terms of conventional measures of success. Money, mostly money. But even broader I dreamed of earning enough money from writing to enable me to do whatever I wanted and make whatever I wanted, at any time. But that’s a silly dream, for a few reasons. I’ve spent periods of my life where I did nothing but write the books I wanted to write, and I didn’t have to become independently wealthy to make that happen. I’ve also traveled and done plenty of other things I thought I needed to be a financially successful writer to achieve, and did so sans-financial success from writing. Most of what I hoped to get out of writing success either wasn’t as dependent on writing success as I imagined, or was something that was ridiculous to think I could get from writing. So I’m not as scared of “failure” anymore, and that eliminates the big rocks of self-doubt and fear. The remaining fears are small—smaller than my drive to write, at least, which makes it easy to let the writing overtake them.

What makes you happiest?
In writing—a toss up between sitting and flowing through the work for a few hours, and hearing the response of a stranger who has read my work and connected emotionally with it. These are the two big rewards of writing. Internal and external, they feed different parts of you. Both feel great. And both are necessary.

What’s your greatest character strength?
I can finish and release things. Every year I better understand how important, and rare, this is.

What’s your weakest character trait?
I’m sure this is a much longer list, but I don’t dwell on it.

Why do you write?
Because I have to—it’s a compulsion as much as anything else. If I don’t write, I don’t feel good. And if I have a story in mind and I don’t write it, then I feel I’m letting the story down. I enjoy writing, but, even more, I feel compelled to write. I’ve been doing it my whole life. It’s hard to explain.

Have you always enjoyed writing?
Yes. Not always writing per se, but always storytelling. I’ve been stumbling on characters, and worlds, and stories my whole life. Since I was five. The medium has changed, but this is something I’ve done for as long as I can remember.

The Girl Who Came Back to Life

When you die, your spirit wakes in the north, in the City of the Dead. There, you wander the cold until one of your living loved ones finds you, says "Goodbye," and Sends you to the next world. 

After her parents die, 12-year-old Sophie refuses to release their spirits. Instead, she resolves to travel to the City of the Dead to bring her mother and father’s spirits back home with her. 

Taking the long pilgrimage north with her gruff & distant grandmother—by train, by foot, by boat; over ruined mountains and plains and oceans—Sophie struggles to return what death stole from her. Yet the journey offers her many hard, unexpected lessons—what to hold on to, when to let go, and who she must truly bring back to life.

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Genre – Middle Grade
Rating – PG-13
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