Friday 16 May 2014

7 Questions with #Author L. M. Steel @LMSteel1 #Thriller #Crime

1.Why do you write?
I write because it’s in my head, pure and simple really. Whether it’s a funny true event that has sparked an idea, or just a park of a fictional idea I can’t help but run with it. My mind goes racing and creating plots, sub plots, characters, details and it’s almost like it’s a real live thing wanting to get out, so I have to put it down on paper. I love it, I love to see my crazy thoughts actually take form on the page in front of me.

2.Have you always enjoyed writing?
Absolutely. I remember making up stories when I was very young and organising my friends about who they were and what characters they were supposed to be. As I got a little bit older I started to write them down instead of just making my friends play act.
When I was seven my teacher read one of my stories out to the whole assembly and then sent of a poem of mine to Children’s radio saying I had a talent. From that moment on I realised it wasn’t just something I loved, but I was quite good at.

3.What writing are you most proud of?
Of course it has to be Once Upon a Set of Wheels. It took me almost four years to write, it’s my baby!
The idea started as a possible sixteen chapter story and it just grew and grew into this huge two-part novel. Lotus Ogden is my star, I feel protective of her and yet want to set her free into the world. I really put my heart and soul into this story and I am so proud to see it in paperback with her face (my image of her) on the cover.

4.What are you most proud of in your personal life?
Honestly, coming out I guess. It took me a while, I was 28 when I finally told friends and family and nothing was a secret anymore. It really has been the best thing I ever did. I am now happy and contented with a beautiful wife and lovely, albeit chaotic, home.

5.What books did you love growing up?
My mum used to read to us every night when we were kids. My sister and I shared a room and every night we would get one or two chapters. She read to us the entirety of the Chronicles of Narnia and they still have a firm place in my heart. I loved the adventure, the excitement and even the morals and lessons learnt from them. C.S. Lewis was a fantastic writer that he was able to write something that could be enjoyed by children and adults.

My favourite book as a kid though; Roald Dhal The Fantastic Mr Fox. I loved that book and I still have a copy. It’s brilliant, It’s silly and to be fair rather naughty as his whole purpose is to steal and cheat, but it’s his cunning and determination that completely won me over.

6.What book should everybody read at least once?
Wow, in my opinion there are so many. If I had to pick just one...Schindlers Ark! It’s heart rendering and terrible but so amazing and wonderful at the same time. I think everyone should read and know and understand that part of our history, the horror but also the wonderful pockets of human kindness that managed to push themselves through and be the stories that people observe as the most important.

7.Is there any books you really don’t enjoy?
BDSM erotica. I’ve tried I really have, during the 50 shades epic I tried to read a couple and even reviewed an Indy Authors. It was very well written and even had a good plot and story, but I just couldn’t enjoy it.

I found myself cringing and squirming through it.
I don’t consider myself a prude by any means and erotica has it’s place and I can read it and enjoy it, but the BDSM ones just really don’t do anything for me.


On May 17th 1982, an infant girl is found in a stolen car abandoned on a bridge. The police call her 'Lotus' after the car she is discovered in, and 'Ogden' - the name of the dam over which the car rested. Abandoned for no one; for no one came to claim her as their child, no one came to say that they were responsible for this babe, no one came to love her. 

This was how it was to be; always. Following abuse at the hands of her adoptive father, foster families and others, Lotus finds unlikely allies in car thieves and drug dealers, but her life of crime extends so much further than any of them appreciate. So very young, she takes her first life and realises how easy it is, and how no one would ever suspect the poor, timid, shy little girl who nobody calls their own. 

"Villain? Anti-Hero? Whatever she is, Lotus Ogden is like a perfect storm of rage and pain, but she's also disturbingly human." 

"Feed the dogs and take the phone off the hook. Once you get into this book you're not going to want to put it down." 

"A fast read, a great story, full of twists and turns."

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