Friday 22 August 2014

7 Questions with #Author David L. Dawson #AmReading #Paranormal #Romance

Tell us a bit about your family.

My parents are divorced, though I do see them regularly.  have an older sister with a fourteen year old daughter, and a younger brother.

How do you work through self-doubts and fear?

Chocolate and Coca Cola Zero Cherry

What scares you the most?

Deep water

What makes you happiest?

I’m happiest when I’m writing and really getting stuck into the story.

What’s your greatest character strength?

I’m passionate about what I do.

What’s your weakest character trait?

I can get distracted very easily.

Why do you write?

Writing for me is a compulsion.  If I don’t write I get anxious.  If there’s a story in my head I have to free it.

Epic paranormal romance with a dystopian twist!All 6 parts of the epic Blood Dynasty Chronicles in one super-sized boxset!

Ashlyn Fountain has woken from a thousand year sleep.  Her family is dead.  Her friends are dead.  Her whole world is gone, replaced a new terrifying reality; a future ruled by vampires, where humans are viewed as cattle, and kept as slaves.  She is sold into slavery and bought by the powerful Sublimes, a decadent vampire family ruled over by the charming Grey Sublime and his wicked wife, Catherine.  Ashlyn resigns herself to her fate.  What can she do but accept what is her life now?
Then she meets Jensen Sublime and Union Jack.  Both are sexy, intriguing, and inject a little romance and mystery into her life.  Who will ultimately win her heart – the handsome vampire, or the man who could free her from slavery for good?
The Blood Dynasty Chronicles is a bold new paranormal romance series, fusing the passion and romance of vampire fiction with the adventure and intrigue of dystopian adventures.

This boxset contains the following:
1. The Girl From Yesterday
2. The Streets Are Paved With Blood
3. Masks
4. Movie Night
5. New Whitby
6. The First Vampire
That’s over 180,000 words of vampires, romance and dystopia!

OUT NOW – “Shadow of the Snow Queen”, a Blood Dynasty Chronicles Christmas Special, featuring a long tale all about Ashlyn, and several short stories featuring the other characters.

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Genre - Paranormal romance
Rating – PG-13
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