Friday 23 November 2012

#Inspired Kathy Book Review - Grace Doll by Jennifer Laurens

Grace DollGrace Doll by Jennifer Laurens
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book has an introduction that is worthy of Hollywood. Some bits of it are a cross between Mulholland Drive and Sunset Boulevard. But then you get to the bits that appear rushed, unexplained and you think the author had better things to do with her time than to let the reader know what was happening.

Don't get me wrong, the character buildup of each character offered full emotional perspectives. Her writing style was good enough that you could even feel what her characters were going through. But the conflicts in the story although resolved in the end seemed forced and in some cases there was little explanation as to why these conflicts were even there in the first place.

For instance, Grace becomes conflicted because of the abuse she has faced. Would she not have resentment? Would she not seek vengeance? Or is this perhaps a story for Book 2?

Would I recommend this read? To any patient reader.

Overall assessment:
Content: 4/5
Editing: 4/5
Formatting: 4.5/5
Pacing: 3.5/5
Offensive content?: Between PG to PG13

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author through Inspired Kathy Book Tours. I did not receive any payment in exchange for this review nor was I obliged to write a positive one.

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