Wednesday 7 November 2012

#OBTreat Orangeberry Trick or Treat - Forbidden Mind by Kimberly Kinrade

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Genre – YA Paranormal Thriller / Romance (PG13)
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When Drake regained some semblance of consciousness, intense pain stripped every nerve ending raw. His mind felt crushed into his skull, not just from the hit to the head—his powers gave him the ability to heal faster than most—but from the mind assault when someone used Drake’s powers against him. How was that even possible?
He didn’t open his eyes. First, he wanted to get a sense of his environment. Wheels clanked against a linoleum floor and he felt himself move forward. Voices floated around him like clouds. The world around him drifted through his awareness like bubbles—so fragile and immaterial.
He’d been drugged. He remembered the dart to his arm, but he suspected they’d given him something more since taking him.
Who did this? Where was he?
Questions swirled through his mind, and he couldn’t steady his thoughts enough to make sense of anything. He had clothes on, not just his bathing suit, so someone had dressed him. The air smelled of chemicals and sickness, like a hospital.
Darkness threatened to close in on him again. Panic filled his veins and sent a small shot of adrenaline through him.
Another mind connected with his—someone with similar powers, someone who could help. He reached out, pushing his mind with the little strength he had left.
He squinted through pain, and locked eyes with a dark-haired, pale-faced beauty who looked as if she’d been in a bar fight. One blue eye shined bright with intelligence, while the other was swollen nearly shut. Her pink lips curved into a frown, and she placed a fist on the swell of her hips, which accented her petite frame.
A protective instinct flared and Drake wanted to defend her against whoever had given her that black eye, but he couldn’t be the knight when he needed saving himself.
He reached out to her mind. ‘Help me.’
She held his fate in her mind. Before he collapsed back into oblivion he willed her to help, willed her to remember him and find a way to free him.
As he sank into nothing, her blue eyes, fair face and dark hair haunted him, and he was left with one thought: she’s mine.

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