Friday 13 December 2013

Sara Barnard - What Inspired Me to Write My Book @TheSaraBarnard

What Inspired Me to Write My Book
I began Rebekah’s Quilt to see if I would be able to write Amish fiction. I enjoy sweet romances that focus on the romance as opposed to the physical side of relationships. Also, I like books that leave the reader with something akin to a feeling of faith, hope, and love – something they can take away and meld into their own lives. Historicals are a must for me, reading and writing, so writing Amish fiction came sort of naturally.
But my main inspiration is my children and my family. I want to create works that my entire family can be proud of ... from my toddler up to my grandmother and grandfather. My daughter has been known to take my books to show and tell at school, so  in keeping with that, I hoped to create with Rebekah's Quilt something for her. However Rebekah's Quilt is dedicated to my middle son, Dawson -- who fears no rooster, especially when it's after his little brother! There is a scene in Rebekah's Quilt inspired by Dawson, who took up for his little brother (Bitty) when we went out to feed the chickens one morning. Our rooster, Buttercup, was especially surly and had Dawson buffaloed something horrible -- until Buttercup got after Bitty. Then, Dawson plucked up a stick (he was 3 at the time) and told mean ole Buttercup "En Guarde!"
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