Wednesday 15 January 2014

7 Questions with #Romance #Author Aven Ellis @AvenEllis

  1. Coffee or tea? Coffee. Definitely coffee. With flavored creamer. You don’t want to know how many are in my fridge right now...
  2. What is your favorite holiday? Thanksgiving. I love that it is all about the food and hanging out with family and friends.
  3. Dogs or cats? Cats! I am the crazy cat lady with two cats. They are my writing buddies and hang out in the office with me when I’m working.
  4. Do you like reality TV programs?  I am obsessed with Top Chef and Project Runway...and I confess to loving The Bachelor.
  5. Heels or flats? HEELS! I absolutely love wearing them. Probably because without them I am only 5’3” tall.
6: What is your favorite thing about Connectivity?
My favorite thing about the book is that I made the hero, William Cumberland, an un-tortured, non-sex crazed billionaire.  Different, right?  LOL! I know that is not the norm for the genre, but he is the man I wanted to write. He has his issues, of course, but he a good man with an even better heart—once he opens it up to let someone in, like he does with Mary-Kate.
7: What is your favorite scene in Connectivity?
I really love the scene where William and Mary-Kate have drinks in the hotel bar. It’s sexy, it’s flirty, and they’re getting to see who each other really is for the very first time. I love that scene.

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