Tuesday 7 January 2014

#MustRead 7 Questions with Robert Breeze @robertbreeze

1. Tell us a bit about your family. Mum, Dad and dog Winston live in Hereford, a small town near Wales. Brother James lives in London and I pop over to see him when I need a good roast dinner.
2. How do you work through self-doubts and fear? It’s a torturous process and one I’ve not found a solution to, other than working on something else/crying.
3. What scares you the most? I have recurring nightmares about ships and being back in an exam situation.
4. What makes you happiest? Writing with my dog at my feet.
5. What’s your greatest character strength? Work ethic.
6. What’s your weakest character trait? Obsessive about planning.
7. Why do you write? Sounds vomit inducing but it’s just become my main passion.

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