Wednesday 16 April 2014

7 Questions with #Paranormal #Fantasy Author Marie McKean @Marie_McKean #AmReading

1. How do you work through self-doubts and fear?
If I start feeling too down, I step away from whatever’s bothering me and do two things. 1) I listen to Elvis; particularly the song, “Blue Hawaii.” 2) I drink a coke. Elvis and Coke are my leveling factors. If I’m able to, I’ll also throw in some intense cardio at the gym. This always seems to help me put my self-doubts and fears into perspective.
2. What scares you the most?
Call me crazy, but I can’t handle being suspended from heights in a bucket. So Ferris Wheels, cherry pickers, and gondolas are pretty much out for me. And it’s not the heights. I have no fear of heights. It’s the fact that I’m suspended from a bucket. Not really sure how to explain that one.
3. What makes you happiest?
Laughing. If I can find something to laugh about, life isn’t so bad. The good moments are made even better, and the bad ones are brightened.
4. What’s your greatest character strength?
I am fiercely loyal. Once I’ve decided that you’re “mine” I will think of you that way forever. This could also be considered a flaw I suppose, it’s burnt me before, but really I think you shouldn’t live life holding back. If you’re too afraid to love people then you’ll never experience the reward that comes from doing so.
5. What’s your weakest character trait?
I have a tendency to be a firework. I go crazy, becoming completely obsessed/motivated to get things done . . . for about three days. After that, I fizzle out and loose all interest. Luckily, I have a husband who helps me stay motivated, and with a lot of work, I’m starting to put this weakness behind me slowly.
6. Why do you write?
I write because it makes me happy. I love the adventure of discovering a story that hasn’t been told before, and losing myself completely in it. As an added bonus, the characters become my closest friends. I’m happiest when I’m writing, and so I always try to be working or thinking about some aspect of it.
7. Have you always enjoyed writing?
Believe it or not, no. Writing was something I did because I had to for school, work, or whatever else you want to throw in there. However, I have always loved telling stories. Eventually that passion led to actually writing them down. Now I’m hooked.
Born of Oak and Silver
All that you can do is make the most of what you’ve been dealt—fight a good fight, resist being beaten by circumstance, and hope that somehow, despite it all, you’re able to accomplish the impossible.
But even then you cannot change the fact that you were born cursed.
I am one of those unlucky few upon whom the Curse of the Four Fathers has fallen.

It is I who must bear the burden of having a life that is unchangeably intertwined with the Fae. A sorrow made all the more great by knowing that where they are tragedy, loss, misery, and despair most assuredly follow.
As a Druid it is my responsibility to uphold the boundaries that keep the worlds of the Tylwyth Teg, and our own, separate. As a man it is my only ambition to protect the family and woman I so desperately love.
The only problem: I'm not sure this curse will allow for me to do both.
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Genre - Paranormal Fantasy, Horror
Rating – PG-13
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