Tuesday 1 April 2014

7 Questions with #Author David Graham @davidangraham #Thriller #AmReading

Tell us a bit about your family.
We have a multi-national family, I’m from Ireland, my wife is Danish and our two sons were born in Guatemala. The boys are 9 and 6 and have all of the energy and enthusiasm that you would expect from two young boys. We enjoy the outdoors, hiking in the Dublin mountains most weekends and reading features prominently as an individual and group pursuit.
How do you work through self-doubts and fear?
I think that the longer I’ve written, the more I’ve accepted a couple of things. Firstly, the first draft of anything is unlikely to survive a subsequent edit i.e. it’s not going to be perfect; so don’t let doubts stop something at inception. Secondly, everyone’s tastes are different, there have been books I have loved which others have not; this gives me the confidence to write the kind of story I want and not constantly wonder how it will read for others.
What scares you the most?
The thought of not being around for the children were something to happen to me. I’ve found I’m much more aware of my health and mortality since having children. Saying that, I’ve still been able to reconcile some fun things such as rock-climbing and hang-gliding over the last few years.
What makes you happiest?
My sons. While there are a lot of things I can do which give me a sense of fulfilment or accomplishment, nothing makes me as happy as celebrating their accomplishments or just spending fun time with them. Seeing them again after being away travelling is a particular joy.
What’s your greatest character strength?
I think I’m open to input from others and when recognise when I get something wrong. In the context of writing this means seeing things as a team effort with editors, cover designers etc. rather than being precious about my work in relation to critiques or suggestions.
What’s your weakest character trait?
Stubbornness, I guess, if I really believe in something, I may stick with it past the point where common sense might have dictated I should stop.
Why do you write?
Quite simply, I enjoy it. I like thinking about plots and characters then writing about them.
A brutal conflict unleashed.
Who stands to win?
A bloody massacre at a Mexican heroin refinery; a Miami-bound freight ship hijacked for its cargo of illegal narcotics; the ruthless assassination of a Kosovar drug lord - a war has erupted between two drugs superpowers.
As DEA Agent Diane Mesi investigates she becomes convinced that the conflict is being orchestrated by an unknown third party. But she is marginalised by her colleagues and her judgement is challenged at every turn. Only if she can expose the truth will she be able to stop the violence and save her career.
Michael Larsen is an ex-soldier and hired mercenary who has been contracted to fuel the conflict at every opportunity until it destroys both sides. As he battles his own demons, he hopes that by directing the violence he will attain some measure of redemption.
But neither Mesi nor Larsen know the full extent of the forces at play or of what is truly at stake. As they each pursue their own resolution, the violence escalates and they become increasingly vulnerable to the dangers that stalk them.
Incitement won the John Murray Show / RTE Guide / Kazoo Competition from over 500 entries.
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Genre – Thriller
Rating – R
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