Wednesday 27 February 2013

June White – How to Avoid the Rejection Blues


How to Avoid the Rejection Blues

by June White

When I first wrote my book and decided to offer it to publishers I knew there would be those who wouldn’t be interested. I researched a great many of the publishing houses and what types of books they published, many are very specific about which books they are interested in publishing. This will cut the number of rejections significantly.

After creating my list I truly believed at least one publisher would be interested in publishing my book, and although there were two that showed a slight interest, it went no further than that. I always told my children when they wanted something but were afraid of rejection, “if they turn you down will you be any worse off for having tried, but if they say yes will you be better off.” This seemed to make the rejection a little easier to handle, in the realm of, “it’s their loss.” You need one person to like your book or see your potential. Keep in mind that authors like J. K. Rowling who was represented by a literary agency was rejected by 12 publishing houses and even when her book was picked up by a publishing house she was told by the editor, “she had little chance of making money in children’s books.” They offered to publish 1000 of her books and then it would be POD, (publish on demand), LOL. The manuscript, “The Help,” was rejected by 60 literary agents and it took the author 3 years to find a publisher. So as the rejections begin to roll in just remember you are in great company. Believe in yourself and your work and remain committed. Those who do succeed don’t listen to the negative words of others.

Self publishing is becoming much more accepted and respected, so if one door closes there is always another you can open. If a book is doing well as a self published book, publishers may become interested and approach the author with an offer. Don’t give up and know you’ve written a good book and rejection, unfortunately is part of the process.


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