Wednesday 19 February 2014

7 Questions with #Author Hank Quense @hanque99 #WriteTip #SelfPub

1)   Have you always enjoyed writing?
I can recall writing short, satiric cartoon stories as a junior in high school.  I’d send them around the classroom to my friends who would get in trouble because laughing in class is frowned upon in Jesuit prep school.
2) Who is your favorite author?
In fantasy/scifi, Tom Holt, Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams.  In historical fiction, Bernard Cornwall.
3) What book genre do you adore?
Satiric or humorous scifi and fantasy.  There just isn’t enough of it.  I’m attempting to fill the gap with my fiction
4) What book should everyone read at least once?
Catch 22.  It’s the greatest work of satire I ever read.
5) How did you develop your writing?
My stories always start with a character.  Then I give the character a plot problem.  That's as far as I go until I can figure out the story ending.  Once I get the ending, I have to build a path between the beginning and end.  After that the story is essentially finished, I just have to develop the characters, the setting and the scenes. Then it's time to write the first draft.
6) What is hardestgetting published, writing or marketing?
Writing is the easiest.  Prepping a manuscript for publication is mostly boring.  Marketing is frustrating and often expensive.  Being successful is the hardest part of the entire process.
7) Do you plan to publish more books?
Yes.  I just finished four books on the self-publishing and book marketing processes called Self-publishing Guides.  It took me a year and I’m now itching to get back to writing fiction.
Planning on self-publishing a book? Uploading files to a packager isn't the entire scope of work. That's actually the easiest task, but there are many more necessary tasks to be done..  This book explains the entire self-publishing process.  It breaks up the publishing process into four timeframes starting four months before the availability date. This spreads the workload into easy-to-manage chunks.
The book describes the complete process necessary to self-published a book. Unlike those who maintain that self-publishing a book consists of simply uploading the cover and manuscript files, this book details all of the necessary preliminary tasks that have to be finished before uploading the files.
It’s a complete roadmap to get a book self-published. It’s organized by timeframes to break up the workload into manageable chunks.
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Rating – G
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