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7 Questions with #Author Penni Mannas Diefendorf @pmannasd #selfhelp

1. Why do you write?
I write just for the fun of it. It’s the way I clarify my own thinking. When I need to articulate something or work through an obstacle or issue in my life, the quickest route is to write about it. Writing for me is kind of like the “pensieve” in Harry Potter – it gets it out of my head so I can examine it.
2. Have you always enjoyed writing?
Yes, always. It’s the most natural outlet of expression for me. If I have something important to say, I write it and refine it in my head – I do this so instinctively that actually writing stuff is nothing more than putting my thoughts down on paper.
3. What motivates you to write?
In the past it has been more a compulsion than anything else. I love the written word and writing is just a completely satisfying activity for me. Like singing. I’m happy while in the thick of it, I’m happy when it’s done – there is no downside :) With the Core of Steel series, I am very motivated because I think there is a lot of misinformation out there that leads people to think that it is difficult and well-nigh impossible to live a frictionless life and I want to break down those myths.
4. What writing are you most proud of? (Add a link if you like)
My most recent book, Unconform, which has just been released. It is the book I didn’t know I had to write! It slowly dawned on me after Going Home had been out for a while, that I had grossly underestimated the power of conformity in keeping people locked into where they are in their lives. So writing Unconform settled a great many things for me in my own head and brought me back to first principles about why I started my website ( in the first place.
5. What books did you love growing up?
A huge variety. P.G. Wodehouse, Georgette Heyer, James Herriot, Gerard Durrell, Enid Blyton, the classics, Greek mythology, Grimms Fairytales. In short, I read whatever I could get my hands on and still do :)
6. Who is your favorite author?
I really couldn’t say I had one favourite. My answer would be: all of the above and several more. These are the people I could read over and over again and never get tired of their writing. And in fact, I laugh just as uproariously and helplessly as I did reading them the first time. Judging by my book collection, if I had to pick one, it would be Georgette Heyer. Her writing is simply exquisite. Witty and clear with superb story lines. I never tire of reading her.
7. What book genre of books do you adore?
Pretty much all of them. If a book is well written I will read it regardless of genre. I’ve just become a HUGE fan of steam punk. It combines the two genres I like best: historical and fantasy. Brilliant!

Very important: Don't stop at reading this book and being philosophically inspired! It is meant to be of practical help - so do the exercises, think and plan for the elements in each ring and you will create a shift within yourself and consequently in your life.
Have you ever wondered - what am I doing with my life?
This is many of us. We huddle within ourselves, lost, lonely and afraid.
We go through school and college seeking answers and direction.
We go to work seeking financial security and satisfaction.
We look to relationships and family for fulfillment and acceptance.
As for ourselves. We are unsure if we are good - have we made the right choices, are we deserving of rewards and blessings. Or are we bad - have we been born under a cloud, or taken many wrong turns and are paying for it.
Is our glass half full or half empty??
Amidst all the questions and confusion, we gamely plough on. If it all gets too much, we self medicate with tv, food, shopping, pills, drugs maybe even people.
We strive to accumulate property, possessions, wealth and more and more, looking to external factors for security and identity.
We don't know what we are looking for, whether we've found it or where to stop.
And so life remains an unsolvable puzzle. And we remain - lost.
In the Core of Steel series, we take a journey to ourselves. To clear away distractions and crutches and come to an understanding of our own strength.
Going Home: A roadmap to fulfillment and abundance by finding your truth, which is Book 1 of the series lays the foundation for that journey, by taking you through the 5 rings or levels of consciousness.
You must know what you need and want at each level and set yourself on the path to achieving it to be able to successfully deal with each succeeding ring. As you truly comprehend and deal with your life, you are able to move to the outer and higher rings - gaining in consciousness as you go.
When you advance through each level, your understanding of yourself and the world around you expands, lifting you to a bigger and fuller life.
And when you surpass the last ring you are flying. You will have reached such a deep understanding of yourself and the world around you that you can make choices with a surety and knowledge that ensures success.
And this will not be a flash in the pan success, but a real and satisfying one that will radiate through all areas of your life, for the rest of your life.
There is a kernel of strength at your core waiting to be recognised and nurtured. No matter where you are right now, no matter how hopeless you feel, know that it is there. The real you. Don't wait any longer. Transform now!
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Genre - Self help
Rating – G
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