Wednesday 19 February 2014

7 Questions with #Author Selena Cooper @SelenaCooperBks #amreading #romance

Q1. What inspired you to write LEI ME DOWN?
A. When I was growing up, I loved Hart to Hart. That couple was beautiful, glamorous, and they had such an exciting life together! To a little girl who lived in the boonies, they were the best! They went places I’d never even heard of, ate scrumptious-looking foods, shopped at stores other than “the dime store,” and solved crimes. I so wanted to be Jennifer Hart and have my very own, completed devoted to me, Jonathan!
So fast forward…ahem…a few years…and I created Brandy and Luke Fontaine. Luke came from money, but Brandy grew up in a blue-collar family. He is an entrepreneur and CEO of Fontaine Enterprises. Brandy is a freelance journalist. They're enjoying their honeymoon in Hawaii and don't have much more on their minds than exploring each other bodies. Then they discover a DEAD body and find themselves in the middle of a murder investigation!
Q2. How do you categorize yourself: pantser or plotter?
A. Both. I start out with a general idea and then try to plot chapters as I go along. I’ll outline chapters as opposed to the entire book, because if the chapter changes the book might go in an entirely different direction.
Q3. What are you working on now?
A. I’m working on the next Fontaine book. This time Brandy and Luke are in Las Vegas. I’m really having fun getting to know these characters, and I hope readers will too.
Q4. How do you deal with the dreaded writer’s block?
A. I whine and panic and then I what-if. I’ll start with a blank page and type “What if” at the top. Then I’ll put something to the effect of “What if ____ comes to the hotel room?” Or “What if the phone rings, and Luke is called away on business?” Eventually, I’ll come up with something that will advance the plot.
Q5. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
A. I’d be somewhere WARM! Hawaii would be wonderful! Want to join me?
Q6. How do you work through self-doubt and fear?
A. I struggle with self-doubt and fear every day. Some days I handle it better than others. Other days, I simply try to set my feelings aside and work through my insecurity. I don’t know if I’ll ever feel that I’m “good enough.” But do any of us? (If you answer “yes” to that, please write and tell me how!) J
Q7. What scares you the most?
A. The thought of something bad happening to my children.

Brandy and Luke Fontaine are sexy, fun, rich, and maybe just a little oversexed. They’re newlyweds honeymooning in Hawaii when they find a dead body. Turns out their fellow guest has been murdered, and they set out to solve the case.
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