Tuesday 25 February 2014

7 Questions with #Christian #Author Nina Elaine Borum @NinaElaineB

1. Tell us a bit about your family.
If there was one word to describe my family, I think it would be crazy-beautiful. Everyone has a little crazy in their family and my family is no exception, but the beauty I see in my family far surpasses the craziness!

2. How do you work through self-doubts and fear?
I have found that the only thing that cancels out fear and self doubt is the love of God. Loving God means I trust what His word says about me and his word tells me to fear and not to doubt.

3. What scares you the most?
That I wont reach my full potential. The world is full of mediocrity, but I want to rise above that.

4. What makes you happiest?
Laughing with my family. We have a horrible sense of humor that is safe to use when we are around each other!

5. What’s your greatest character strength?
I hope it’s that I use my gifts and talents to encourage and inspire others.

6. What’s your weakest character trait?

Letting situations affect me more than they should. I am a very sensitive person and sometimes have a hard time not taking things personally.

7. Why do you write?
I hate to sound cliché, but God told me to write. I was sitting in church service one day and the pastor ended his sermon with “What does God want you to do with your hands”. In that moment, I heard two things that God wanted me to do with my hands, one of those things was to write. So I write.

You didn't learn these prayers in Sunday school. Put your armor on, and get ready to see God move!
Do you ever get sick of praying? It's okay to admit. We all do. It is emotionally draining to beg God without ceasing. Christians often forget that under Christ's authority, we have the power to command God's promises to be released from heaven to earth and into our lives.
In Praying for Men of P.O.W.E.R., author Nina Elaine Borum challenges readers to stand confidently and command the promises of God for the men in your life. As someone who has struggled with prayer, Nina believes that God does not intend for his children to feel helpless in praying. His Word has instructed us in how to bring the kingdom of heaven to a world where Satan runs freely. We are all in the midst of a vicious spiritual battle, and Nina hopes this book will help you to fight on behalf of Christian men.
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Genre - Christian non-fiction
Rating – G
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God's Little Flower said...

In question #2, I meant to say *to NOT fear and doubt. I hope everyone understands my intention there :) Thank you ravina for the interview today!!


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