Saturday 8 March 2014

7 Questions with #Romance #Author Maris Morton

Whats your greatest character strength?
My greatest character strength is probably my curiosity. I find people and facts fascinating, and never tire of learning new things. It’s also useful to have a good memory.
Whats your weakest character trait?
My greatest weakness is probably impatience, but I’m slowly learning to control it. It’s not easy, though, and the time and effort it’s taken to get my writing career to this point has been a real test!
Why do I write?
I seem to have a head full of stories, and I relish the challenge of finding and arranging words to tell each story in the most effective way. Now that I’ve retired from full-time employment I’ve got the time to enjoy myself—and I do!
What motivates me to write?
I guess I have a creative urge that demands expression. I’ve tried painting and drawing and many crafts, but writing is more satisfying than any of those. I see stories all around me, incidents and combinations of characters, and can’t help thinking to myself What if People have often told me their stories, some of them shocking, dramatic or fascinating, and I’ve got an excellent memory.
What writing are you most proud of?
I’m very proud of my first published novel, A Darker Music, which won the CAL/Scribe Fiction Prize in 2010; looking back, I still believe it’s a well-crafted piece of work.
What are you most proud of in your personal life?
In my other life the achievement I’m most proud of is the Tweed Art Gallery. I came to the Tweed in 1989 to be the Director of the Council’s fledgling gallery and succeeded in enlarging its support base to the point where people were willing to pledge large sums of money to see a bigger, purpose-built gallery established. The first stage of the new building opened in 2004 and the latest development is the opening of the Margaret Olley Centre at the Gallery, the result of a significant bequest from the late artist.
What book genre of books do you adore?
The genre of books I find most entertaining is crime fiction, although I’m getting bored with police procedurals and tales of psychotic serial killers. I see crime novels as today’s version of the traditional quest saga, with the identity and punishment of the criminal as the prize at the end.
Still hurting after a painful divorce, Joanna leaves the city, moving with her six-year-old daughter Mia to a country town. She’s looking for a better, happier life, and when she meets farmer Chris Youngman, she discovers the possibility of a future as a farmer’s wife.
Joanna is at first dismayed by the unexpected isolation of the farm, but Chris’s affection helps her to adjust. Then the unexplained death of a young farm worker brings complications she could never have imagined, and Joanna has to fight for her happiness, her family, and even her own life.
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Genre - Contemporary Romance, Thriller
Rating – PG
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