Thursday 27 March 2014

Supernatural Hero (#Action & #Adventure) by Eran Gadot @erangadot #AmReading

"Of all the kids, I’m the only one who doesn’t get invited to birthday parties. Or picked for a partner at school. Or sit with a bunch of friends at lunch. I’ve never been popular. I'm a nerd."
"I once had an imaginary friend named Victor. I talked to him about everything under the sun, even the most secret things. I also talk to Grandma, especially since she died. But I love my Grandpa more than anyone in the whole world. He’s the only one who understands me."
"Mom is in the middle of a long, involved telephone conversation with a woman from her office at the insurance company. They’re talking about a big claim someone has against their company and she’s saying that she isn’t sure that the client is telling the truth. It seems that adults lie much more than kids do, but if I were to tell her that I can talk to grandma, she wouldn’t believe me. She would be sure that I was making it up. And she would never have such a long conversation with me about it."
"Then I hear a sweet voice, maybe the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard. “Is everything okay, Andy?” Very slowly I lift my head and I see her. She has the deepest and most beautiful blue eyes in the whole world. She used my name! She actually knows my name! Yes! I shout, but silently, deep inside – luckily they can’t hear how loudly I shout inside myself. My silent shout would probably shake the whole building. The main thing is that Zoe knows my name. Now I don’t feel so bad."
"Mom and Lynn are sitting in the kitchen, talking about the hunk in the other class who smiles at Lynn in the hallway at school. How much time can they spend talking about smiles at school? If I calculate the number of hours they sit and talk about the hunk, I’ll get to several days, maybe even a week."

Don't try to be someone else, be yourself!

Reading this book will make you see that being yourself is the only way for success, all you need is to believe.
Andy is the nerd everyone makes fun of. He's really skinny, wears glasses and talks to himself, but he falls in love with the prettiest girl in the class. One day Grandpa dies and turns into a ghost. Then, Andy discovers a new power, he can see ghosts and talk to the dead.
Join Andy's journey and find out how a nerd can become a hero.

Supernatural hero is a great Children's Book with an outstanding story, for Teen & Young Adults.

Take an adventure! This book will stay in your heart forever.

*Supernatural hero and the witches (2) coming soon...
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Genre - Children's book, YA
Rating – G
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