Saturday 29 March 2014

7 Questions with #YA #Author J R Tague @JR_Tague #AmReading

1) What scares you the most?
Failure. Not really the small failures. Those are necessary, just a side effect of trying things and taking chances. But I guess I’m most afraid of ultimate failure. Of not accomplishing everything I want to accomplish throughout the course of my lifetime.
And that relates to writing quite a bit. I think I didn’t try writing a novel for so long because I was worried I couldn’t do it. And then where would that leave me?
2) What makes you happiest?
Being ridiculous! I have a lot of simple pleasures: food, video games, cuddling w/my cat, watching terrible action movies, hanging out in sweat suits. Any combination of those things is aces as far as I’m concerned.
3) What’s your greatest character strength?
I think I’m pretty open-minded. There are always good sides and bad sides to every trait. But I think this is overall a very positive thing because it helps me to be flexible and to learn and improve.
4) What’s your weakest character trait?
I’m a terrible procrastinator. I’ve gotten ever so slightly better about it as I’ve gotten older. But I still have a LONG ways to go.
5) Why do you write?
I write because I want to know how the story ends! I’ll get an idea in my head, and I’ll even have a rough idea of what happens. But I have to write it to make sure.
6) Have you always enjoyed writing?
Off and on, yes. As a kid I always loved writing and making up stories. I was a big reader. Then I got away from it for awhile. But when I came back around, and wrote my first novel, it seemed very fitting. When I turned 30 and realized this is what I want to do with my life, it just made sense.
7) Who is your favorite author?
Stephen King. For sure. I’ve been reading his books since I was 12. I always loved his character development – even before I knew what that meant. He could take you to strange, fantastical worlds, and still be totally believable. Because of his character development.

Max McKay gets a second chance at life when, after a bizarre accident on his sixteenth birthday, he is reanimated as a new breed of thinking, feeling zombie. To secure a spot for his eternal soul, Max must use his video game prowess as well as the guidance of Steve the Death God to make friends and grow up. As if all that weren’t hard enough, Max discovers that he’s not the only zombie in town. 
As he enlists the help of his new friends, Adam and Penny, to solve the mystery of their un-dead classmate, Max discovers that he must level up his life experience in order to survive the trials and terrors of the upcoming zombie apocalypse. And, even worse, high school.
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