Wednesday 24 October 2012

Guest Post - Guy Magar: Mandatory: An IQ Test for Politicians

Written by Guy Magar – From his memoir KISS ME QUICK BEFORE I SHOOT: A Filmmaker’s Journey into the Lights of Hollywood and True Love
Regardless of your politics, surely we can all agree that the acute intelligence President Obama brings to the job is superlative, and should be a required character trait for all our political leaders. Thus, I propose that all who wish to run for any major public office should qualify by passing an intelligence IQ test for politicians.
Why should we not have our best and brightest lead us from all parties? We certainly want the brightest doctors to operate on us and the best pilots to fly our airplanes, right? Why is there such an ultra-low bar for leadership, as exemplified by super-numbskull Rod Blagojevich? Jesse Ventura or Christine O’Donnell, anyone? We give tests for college admissions, law schools, driving, flying, citizenship, and a myriad other qualifiers. Why not a required intelligence exam for public office? You don’t pass, you can’t run, no matter how much money or ego you’ve got (Meg and Donald!). We could sleep at night knowing Palin would never qualify, even with a cheat sheet written on her palm, full use of Beck’s moronic blackboards, and unlimited phone lifelines to Rush, the hypocritical king of all divisive buffoons!
We need much more honest, bright folks to lead our nation. We must demand true moral character and intellectual ability of our candidates, on both sides of the aisle, before we vote them into office. Our two parties must become much more responsible in representing us and abandon the current model where the minority party stops anything and everything the majority tries to do. Our system has become a moronic display of paralysis, regardless of which party is in charge. What happened to the idea of a dynamic and progressive government that moves forward on all fronts to keep the American Dream alive and well? America surely deserves it. (Don’t we?)
In the 2010 elections, the Tea Baggers (in their own mindless desperation) were willing to elect the most idiotic to lead us. Candidates wearing Nazi uniforms for fun, swinging baseball bats as weapons, assuring us they’re really not a witch? In our America? That’s the best we got? This is shamefully scary. I propose a new group to keep those extremists in check called the Coffee Grinders, led by Bill Maher. Let’s grind the Baggers!
We are at a critical historic time when we need to be our best and bravest, not our most fearful and idiotic. The extreme right is reacting out of ignorance and fear of adaptation. They are desperately hanging on to an American way of life that is no longer a reality. They want the old  America that watched Father Knows Best from affordable homes with white picket fences, and Confederate flag stickers displayed on pickup trucks with rifle racks across rear windows. Mindless fantasies and inane white trash time is over, folks. The real world is catching up.
We must find the wisdom to solve massively difficult problems while staying strong and focused to win the harsh challenges ahead which include inevitable wars and critical shortages, such as energy and water. We must embrace the coming new world and adapt to its complex realities. Life on this planet is about to get real serious, only the strong will survive this century.
Is getting our brightest minds to lead us such a bad idea? We need and deserve great leadership. We cannot afford the paralysis and decline of America due to inferior leaders and senseless, moronic partisanship. I trust and hope this nation’s destiny is not to fail ourselves, our founders, and the world.
May we make sure our brightest get to lead us so we can tackle U.S. and world challenges ahead with intelligence and sensible rationale. May we find the courage and wisdom to make the bold decisions, and be free from the shackles of fear and mediocrity.
May the Force be with us on Tuesday, November 6th!

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