Tuesday 16 October 2012

#OBTreat - Top 10 Superstitions by Gwen Perkins

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 Top 10 Superstitions
1.  Finding a penny on the ground will bring you good luck.  Tails side up is double luck (my sister claims this is bad luck but I don’t believe her).
2. If you spill salt, throw it over your left shoulder to avoid bad luck.
3. My family has a superstition that if the women in the family start singing “Amazing Grace” without  knowing why, someone will die not long after.  I don’t know how this started but I do know that it’s been borne out a number of times.
4. I also remember having a spirit bell hanging when I was a child.  The spirit bell is a clay bell that rocks with the wind.  It tolls to keep the bad spirits in the wind from entering your house.
5.  Old poker superstition is that the luckiest seat in the house is the one facing the door.  Personally, I think this was because in the Old West, this was probably the first person to see a potential gun battle ahead and duck under the table.
6. If you give a knife as a present, that person will become an enemy.  (Another odd one–I don’t think I’d give a knife to someone I didn’t absolutely trust!)
7.  If your ear is burning, someone is talking about you.  I also like that an unexplained shiver up your back means someone just walked over your grave.
8.  If you accidentally knock your hand against a piece of wood, you’re about to have a love affair.
9.  The seventh son of a seventh son has the art of healing. The seventh daughter of a seventh daughter possesses the power of second sight.
10. And a special Halloween superstition–if you hear footsteps behind you, don’t look back as it may be the dead following you. If you turn, you will be the next to join them.. 

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