Thursday 18 October 2012

#OBTreat Orangeberry Trick or Treat - Top 10 Halloween Favourites by Christy Sloat

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Top 10 Halloween Favourites
1. Going through my kids Halloween candy and eating it when they’re not looking. Come on, you know you would do it too!
2. Pumpkin carving. I hate all the goo, but scaring my neighbors is totally worth it.
3. Taking my kids trick-or-treating and watching their faces as they take in the sites. We go to a really good street where everyone decorates their yards and passes out candy. Some of the houses are really scary. I like to freak them out.
4. It’s the great pumpkin Charlie Brown! Yes I watch it every year it comes on.
5. Going to my oldest daughters Halloween Parade at school. I like to see all the creativity the kids put into their costumes.
6. Halloween Candy, oh wait I already said that. I guess I love candy!
7. Watching scary movies. Yes, I close my eyes at the scary parts, but that is what makes it fun.
8. Pulling out my decorations for Halloween.  I love to see all the stuff again. I have a Halloween village that I love the most.
9. Baking! I make the best pumpkin cranberry pie ever.
10. After Halloween Sales! I love to hit the stores and buy up costumes for the following year. I get the best deals.

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