Saturday 27 October 2012

#OBTreat Orangeberry Trick or Treat - Top 10 Halloween Favourites by Katy O'Dowd

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Genre – Steampunk (PG13)
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Top 10 Halloween Favourites - Who doesn’t love Halloween?
The nights are drawing in, the mist is closing, the lights from windows on the street are more indistinct and you nearly jump when a cat twists its way around your ankles. Until you realize that it is in fact your own cat.
The joy of sharing in the delight of children as they dress up to try to scare everyone, going around and taking candy from strangers – the one time in your life you are allowed to do so.
Eating the sweeties and getting a stomach ache, but hey, it’s worth it.
Carving the pumpkin into some kind of grotesquerie and then making a soup of its flesh. Delicious blended with cream and a healthy sprinkling of salt and pepper.
Bobbing for apples, hands behind your back. Make sure not to put your scary makeup on before your face hits the water! A way of finding your future spouse is to peel an apple in one go. If done successfully the single apple peel can be dropped on the floor to reveal the initials of your future-intended.
In Ireland, we have a cake for Halloween called a Barm Brack. It is a heavy fruit cake, and in it is a golden ring. Whoever gets the ring will get married. In older times, it also contained a pea, a stick, a piece of cloth, and a silver sixpence. Each item was supposed to carry a meaning to the person concerned: the pea, the person would not marry that year; the stick, would have an unhappy marriage or continually be in disputes; the cloth or rag, would have bad luck or be poor; the coin, would enjoy good fortune or be rich. A fortune-telling cake – what could be better?
Really terrible old horror movies on the television. They sure don’t make them like they used to!
Answering the door to the trick or treaters and hearing all the songs, poems and jokes that the children – and adults! – have come up with. And going trick or treating with your own children.
Decorating the house, and lighting lots and lots of candles.
And knowing that the black cats who share our house are complete softies who come in and watch the movies with me because they don’t like all the Halloween Ghouls and Ghosties outside. 

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