Wednesday 24 October 2012

#OBTreat Orangeberry Trick or Treat - Top 10 Halloween Favourites by Lindsey J Parsons

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Top 10 Halloween Favourites
Carving pumpkins: I do love carving pumpkins, trying to get a scary, well crafted face and then lighting candles inside and turning off all the lights to watching the flickering flames casting interesting shadows around the room.
Trick or treating: Well the best parts of this are getting dressed up and the bag of tasty loot you end up with!! When I was a child we didn’t do trick or treating, it wasn’t such a big thing here in the UK and my mum wasn’t keen on Halloween, so I have to relive my childhood now! J
When Trick or Treaters knock on my door, I keep a big bowl of treats ready for them. It is much more fun to give out the goodies and see the children’s excited little faces. Just no real excuse to dress up!
Halloween parties: You can’t beat a really good Halloween party and it’s such a great excuse to have loads of junk food and sweets and all the bad stuff you wouldn’t normally provide at a party!
Decorating the house with spooky decorations: Yes I’m afraid I do go over the top with this, especially if we are having a party. Every year it gets worse because we buy more decorations to add to the large collection we already have.
Dressing up: I love dressing up. My daughter went through a bit of a goth stage a few years ago and we still have a lot of her clothes which are great for Halloween costumes! J
Toffee Apples: Yumm enough said!
Spicy Pumpkin soup: I discovered this a couple of years ago and it is delicious, now I have something I can make out of the pumpkin flesh I spoon out of the pumpkins.
Watching (not so scary) films, like Beetlejuice: As I said I don’t like really scary films, but funny scary like Shaun of the Dead, Beetlejuice and The Witches of Eastwick are great fun.
I just love Autumn, crisp frosty mornings, the trees when their leaves turn red and gold, lighting the log burner and wrapping up cosy and warm when it’s cold and icy outside. I feel Halloween is the start of the real Autumn/Winter time and the run up to Christmas.

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lindsey said...

Thank you Ravina for featuring my top 10 Halloween favourites!!! :D


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