Thursday 21 March 2013

Author Interview – Benjamin Wallace

Tell us a bit about your family. It’s me and my wife. We have three kids—an 8-year-old and 6-year-old twins. We also have two dogs. Oh, and my wife has two cats.

What is your favorite quality about yourself? My awesomeness. Or my humbleness. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which is greater.

What is your least favorite quality about yourself? I lack the power of flight. This has been limiting in both my crime fighting and world touring endeavors.

What is your favorite quote, by whom, and why? “Life is trying things to see if they work.” -Ray Bradbury I’m just testing it out.

What are you most proud of accomplishing so far in your life? Oh, man. I’ve got to say the kids right?

I’d be a jerk not to say the kids. So, the kids.

What is your favorite color? Burnt Ochre for a very specific reason that I can’t give.

What is your favorite food? The cheeseburger is the world’s most perfect food. It is complex in its simplicity. Endless in its variety. And delicious in my face.

What’s your favorite place in the entire world? Anywhere with my family, provided it’s not unreasonably hot outside.

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Genre – Comedy / Humour

Rating – PG

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