Tuesday 3 September 2013

Author Interview – James Fricton

It is a self book: What insight does it provide?

As a self-help book, the statement on the cover of the book summarizes the book—It’s about your energy. What if we can measure our energy, the human spirit, in the seven realms of our lives? The book follows this premise and reveals how to maintain positive energy in each realm and achieve the good life we seek. The Last Scroll is about learning how to achieve the blessings of life in each realm including love, health, wisdom, happiness, prosperity, beauty, and peace that are available to all of us. It’s about understanding our virtues and vices and how they reflect the energy we have in each Realm. It’s about knowing that we exert a positive and negative influence on the people and world around us, whether we want to or not.  And, it’s about how to balance our lives in each Realm and deal with the challenges of life that deplete our energy.

The seven Realms talk about the activities that can boost your energy in each Realm. Tell us about those.

The Seven Realms are each facet of your life including the mind, body, spirit, emotions, way of life, and the people and nature around us. Each of these Realms emanates a different frequency and can be measured as distinct energy fields. You can learn to enhance your energy in each area with daily activities. The Last Scroll describe how to boost the energy in each Realm. Interestingly, this knowledge is consistent with and supported by much of scientific evidence. In the Realm of the Body, physical energy is boosted by being active, walking, running, stretching, and using the body well each day. In the Realm of Emotion, emotional energy is enhanced by being creative, bringing smiles and laughter, music and art, sport and games to your life each day. In the Realm of the Spiritual, energy is enhanced by having love for yourself and those around you, by learning to seek help through prayer, to be calm and seek insight through meditation, and to understand the meaning of your life by seeing your past and future and living a life that is merciful each day. In the Realm of the Way of Life, energy and success in life is accomplished by working hard and steady, by having good sleep and breathing clean air, by being modest in eating and drinking the purity of natural food and water. In the Realm of Nature, natural abundance will come by living in and being part of the harmony with the earth its land, seas, and skies, and by being organized, clean, and not being wasteful or abusive of that which surrounds you. In the Realm of the People, energy is enhanced by sharing and helping others, being generous and giving of yourself, and supporting those around you and the communities you live in.

Tell us about the seven Rules of the Blessings? How do they work?

The Rules of the Blessings includes seven Rules that show how the human spirit is enhanced as well as depleted to better understand this process and maximize its potential. Their rules closely parallel the research on how human energy is enhanced, lowered, and shifts between Realms. The seven rules include the following.  One, the Rule of Doing. Know what actions boost and deplete energy.  Two, the Rule of Being. Know what virtues and vices reflect strong or weak energy.  Three, the Rule of Keys. Know what key Realms can boost the energy in the related Realm. Four, the Rule of Balance. Know the importance of achieving balance of energy in all Realms. Five, the Rule of Moderation.  Realize that when you bring too much energy into one Realm, it may weaken other Realms. Six, the Rule of the Gathering. Understand how the energy of a group can boost or deplete the energy of the individuals in the group and how an individual can either boost or deplete the energy of a group. Finally, seven, the Rule of Challenges. When challenged by others who take your energy in a Realm, you will have no strength if you respond by taking energy from your other Realms, you will have more strength if you respond by bringing more energy into the Realm, and you will have the most strength when you bring energy into all of the people who gather with you.

Tell us about the Seven Plagues? How do they come about?

The Last Scroll predicts seven plagues that will affect the people of the world unless we make the changes to our individual and collective energy in each of the Seven Realms. It states that these disasters will begin one thousand years after the first millennium or year 2000 when the collective energy of at least a third of the people in a group is low. Groups may include couples, families, communities, states, and nations. The Seven Plagues include ignorance in the Mind Realm, illness in the Body Realm, poverty in the Way of Life Realm, drought in the Nature Realm, despair in the Emotional Realm, hate in Spiritual Realm, and war in the People Realm.

How did you go about writing this book?

Through my research and clinical practice, I have thought about the concepts in this books for many years. However, I did not have the time to put them into words until the past year. During this time, I found the best writing places are anywhere and everywhere. I have a tiny home office with a simple desk cluttered with papers which I use as references. I occasionally try to escape to our cabin on a peninsula on Loon Lake to write while viewing beautiful sunrises and sunsets from the windows surrounding the whole cabin.  I often sit at our kitchen island with my family around and write. They inspire me to see clearly the life that I have. My wife, Delia, who is from Italy, may be preparing some ragu for our pasta or coffee in the morning. I also occasionally spread out on the old solid wood dining table but we eat most dinners there and will have to clear away the papers. I occasionally write while watching a movie or sitting in bed instead of reading.


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