Monday 2 September 2013

Karolyn James – How to Meet Deadlines and Remain Sane

How to Meet Deadlines and Remain Sane

by: Karolyn James

We all live on deadlines, in some way or form. Whether it’s needing to be at our day jobs for a set time, taking the kids to soccer practice, or even making sure that dinner is done and served, life revolves around deadlines. And that quite honestly is how I manage my writing and professional deadlines. I just keep myself sane by being very organized… and I mean very organized!

Here are three tips to keep yourself sane when facing a deadline:

  1. Limit your online time! We all know that online time is the biggest time sucker in the world. And yes, online time does include trying to beat that level in Candy Crush you’ve been stuck on for weeks! Turn off the internet if you have to. Turn your wi-fi off and focus. It doesn’t matter who posted what on Facebook. It doesn’t matter what your books are ranking at on Amazon. Focus on the deadline. But also reward yourself… I’ll set my time in breaks. Two hours of work, ten minutes to goof off online.
  2. Focus on the project! This may go along with online time, but don’t focus on anything outside the project. It’s very easy for our minds to travel elsewhere thus wasting time and when we waste time it makes that deadline seem harder and harder, doesn’t it?
  3. Finally, stay organized! I use the calendar on my iPad and have made it my best friend. I don’t just manage current deadlines but ones that are far out. That way I know exactly what’s happening and when. It actually keeps ‘deadlines’ for really happening… if you know what to do and when to do it, it becomes work instead of a monstrous deadline.

There’s plenty more you can do to stay on top of looming deadlines but that’s what I do. I keep a date in mind, I keep it on calendar, and I focus on it. Deadlines also require some sacrifice but always remind yourself that once you hit the deadline… you get a little free time! And make sure you reward yourself. When I’m done with a big deadline (take Brothers of Rock #4 for example…) I finished EVERYTHING with the book and then stepped back and looked at the cover for a little while and smiled. Then I treated myself to dinner, a movie, and some time away from the laptop. It made me feel very refreshed and ready for the next project.

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