Wednesday 25 September 2013

Marilyn Holdsworth–Why Book Covers Are Important

Why book covers are so important.
         Book covers are very important because they are the first thing your potential reader sees. A good cover must have an enticing appeal to draw the reader to it. An attractive cover design immediately rouses the reader's curiosity in the book's content. And there is a much greater chance they will want to buy it. The old addage "you can't tell a book by its cover" may be true but the book cover is still most important in generating sales. Eye catching color and an alluring design that harmonizes with the book's title will be much more likely to capture the reader's interest. Also, the use of an endorsement of the book by a well known person or periodical can add to the impact of the cover. A few praising words or lines for the book can draw the possible reader to it. A book with a pleasing color design and intriguing title is much more likely to sell than one without. People do tend to buy what they see. A book's cover is the first thing they see and will remember. First impressions are lasting.

Making Wishes

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