Sunday 29 September 2013

J.L. Myers – Why Book Covers are So Important

Why Book Covers are So Important

Book covers are so important because they are they first thing a prospective reader will see. When someone is perusing bookshelves or searching on Amazon the first thing they see, along with the heading, is they cover. This is your first chance to show a potential reader what your book is about, and more importantly why they have to read YOUR book.

A book cover should give a feel for the world in which your story takes place, and for the characters that will live their lives through your words. A book cover should also display the genre clearly, whether it’s romance, paranormal, fantasy, crime or many of the non-fiction categories out there. Can you imagine buying a paranormal romance that had a cover resembling a true-crime novel? Or a dark fantasy book that actually looked like an erotic fiction? Probably not, and even if you did find miss-covered books like this from an unknown author or even a known one, I’m sure you wouldn’t give them a go.

As well as representing your genre correctly your cover should also indicate the tone of your writing. A bright and colourful cover would indicate a more light-hearted tale, maybe a comedic drama or an entertaining ‘how to’ fit with funny experiences that address self-growth and development. A paranormal or fantasy book, where the characters face death due to circumstance or their own actions, would herald a more serious and dark cover that depicts the book’s darker themes.

Of course there are all areas in between, and some life and death novels do have comedic characters or events that lend themselves to somewhat lighter covers. But whatever your genre, you as the author knows your story, your characters and how you want people to anticipate your book. Your cover is your first chance to illustrate exactly that.

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