Wednesday 27 November 2013

Laila Ibrahim – Spiritual faith

Spiritual faith is a central theme in Yellow Crocus.  My own beliefs a liberal religious person shine through the story.  A deep spiritual life can be essential for getting through the hard times in life-whether those hard times are something as devastating as the loss of a child or something as trivial as failing a driving test.

The centering and strengthening of religious rituals, the release and commitment that come through communal prayer, the joy of shared celebration, working together with like minded-people, and serving as companion, guide, and comforter to one another–all of these dimensions of the experience of religious community help to deepen’s one faith.

From The Gift of Faith by Jeanne Harrison Neiuwejaar

Tending to your child’s spiritual life is no easy task in our hectic culture.  There are so many distractions, so many wonderful opportunities, and so many demands for our that it is hard to carve out the time for matters of the spirit.  Taking the time to be grateful for a beautiful sunset, marvel at our place in creation, think about what happens after we die or reflect on our deepest purpose takes a back seat to soccer, birthday parties, and homework.

It is easy to experience the instant payoff of soccer, birthday parties and doing homework.  The longer term payoff of a spiritual life, of church, can be more elusive.  But the investment is ultimately worth it.

Church was not optional for our children.  We made it very clear to them at a young age that on Sundays we go to church.  By middle school they were regularly attending worship in Hamilton Hall where they learned the rituals that go along with adult worship as Unitarian Universalists.

By 11th grade Kalin, our older daughter, was the person in our family who was most  insistent that we go to church.  She was feeling very overwhelmed by her life.  The pressure of high school and college applications was very hard on her.  She told us, “I need church.  I need that quiet time to reflect on the important things in life in a place where I feel safe, surrounded by people who care about me no matter what.”  Church helped her to get through that hard time.  Our investment had paid off.  We had given her a precious gift:  The gift of faith.

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