Friday 8 November 2013

Who Is Driving Your Car? – Beca Lewis

I was traveling a familiar route, one that in the past 8 years I have traveled many times, yet I kept noticing things I had never seen before. I noticed the steepness of the hill and curves in the road.
What was different this time?  On other trips, I was the passenger, and this time I was the driver.
I was in a high school’s guidance office talking to the school about doing a seminar for them. Hanging on the wall of the office was a poster that said, “You are the author of your own life story.”
Isn’t this the same idea as driving our own car? If we knew that we are the authors of our own life story, like driving our own car, we would notice more about what was happening in, and as, our life.
However, we don’t notice. Instead, we act as if we are passengers in our life. We act as if someone or something outside ourselves has authored our life story. We blame others for the life we lead, or make excuses for ourselves because of the “outside” forces that have put us in any situation that we don’t like.
It doesn’t matter how much we decide that someone else is driving our car, or authoring our lives, they aren’t. The truth is we are always the author our own life story, we are always the driver of the car of our life, but rarely are we completely conscious of the story, or what road we are traveling. We are unaware of the perceptions we have agreed to that appear as our life.
To see the road of life that we are driving, we must be aware of the point of view from which we are authoring our life story. We need to become aware if we have chosen the point of view of personal power, or the point of view of One Cause and One Creator.
There is no way to actually “write” a life story that won’t implode at some point if we begin with the point of view that we have any personal power other than the ability to choose to shift our perception.
Not many of us are willing to accept this fact and none of us does all the time.  When life works well on some level, we figure that there is no reason to give up our human personality. After all, individuality as personality is a celebrated and honored quality in the world today.
Why would we give it all up?  Usually we wait to give it up when we prompted by suffering of some kind, which forces us to examine our point of view and perceptions. If we are suffering enough we may decide to “let go and let God.”  If we are lucky, we find joy in that letting go, because the sooner we are willing to give up how we think things should be, and shift to the awareness of the Intelligent Mind that creates only from Love, the happier we will be.
As I drove my car home, I realized that if we always let someone else drive our car, or choose the intent of our life, we always miss some information that can only be experienced when we are the driver, or consciously choose our own life, our own point of view, our own intent for our life.
It’s easy to get distracted from this awareness through the human habit of fixing people, places, and things and letting other people’s ideas and perception and the worldview become ours.  It may feel easier to agree with others than it is to choose our own perception based on our own awareness of Spiritual Principles, but eventually we will find that this shift of perception is a necessity for happiness.
As we make that shift, we will discover for ourselves the fact that abundance, love, happiness, joy, health, and love is not our responsibility to create, it is how it is. Our responsibility is to shift to this awareness, and then live what we have discovered to be true, the best that we can in every moment.
Then our life “story” will be more rewarding than we could have humanly perceived and believed could be possible.
The work is not in the doing, but in The Shift® from what we have been taught, believe and perceive to be true (the worldview) to who and what we really are and then accepting and living it.
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