Sunday 16 June 2013

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Danny Fahey

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Danny Fahey

His first (unpublished) novel was about cloning about fifteen years the first successful cloning of the sheep. In the novel the clones were twins, programmed to then breed and so on.

His first published poem was called Staccato Movers and was published in an anthology of Street Poets by Carringbush Library (circa 1985) and yes, Danny was a street poet performing in bars and cafes and street corners for many years.

His first published story The Edge won the Mirboo North Short Story competition and still remains one of Danny’s favorite pieces of writing.

Danny once appeared in film that was designed to look like a documentary. In the film he played a heroin addict in a juvenile detention centre. He did not tell his parents about the film and when his mother saw it on television she, believing it was a real story, almost fainted.

Danny once wrote for the Carlton Football Club under the Pseudonym The Ghost of Optus Oval.
Danny and his wife once operated a second-hand furniture and used goods shop until his first born decided to take up walking at 9 months and Danny and his wife discovered that a shop, while fun for the child, was not really practical. He has also painted houses, been a clown, an import performer, a teacher and spent many years working behind bars at various pubs, including The Punter’s Club where he met his wife (a  regular customer).

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