Monday 3 June 2013

A Day in the Life of David Jester

A Day in the Life of David Jester
I don’t lead a very exciting life, so this isn’t going to be easy, or entertaining, but here goes:
I wake up around 6, which is often the time that my fiancee decides to go to bed. I lie around for a few minutes and wait for her to go to sleep (I don’t want to appear rude) and then get up and get dressed.
I feed the rabbits who we keep in the spare bedroom and the ducks and pigeons who come to the back door. I’m a sucker for animals and go out of my way to please them, which they all know and exploit.
There is sod all to do at 6 in the morning except drink tea and wait for the world to wake up. I can’t write, read or think at that time and morning television is tortuous. There’s usually something recorded from the night before, but even if I watch a couple of hours it’s still only 8 and I’m still brain-fogged and bored.
Sometimes the duck sits on the garden wall and quacks until I give him brunch. That kills a couple of minutes. If I have any interesting video games this is usually the time I’ll be playing them, but nowadays I get bored of them quite quickly.
Around 8:30 I check on my books. I make a note of my sales, my promotions and make sure everything is ticking over. Then, feeling more awake, I do some editing or marketing. After that I try to write, which can take anything from half an hour to 8+ hours depending on my mood. I can while the entire day away if I get into a book, but sometimes it’s a struggle to stay motivated to write for more than an hour or so.
I like to pad out my boring routine with a lot of gambling, some reading and some whiskey. If my fiancee isn’t working we’ll go out to a restaurant, cinema, shopping or just for a wander, but we live in a fairly remote and boring area so there isn’t much to do.

Evergreen is the peaceful, idyllic home for a bustling traveler community. It is home to Patrick Ryan, the figurehead of the community; home to Aidan McCleary, Patrick’s mentor and friend; home to scores of youngsters and generations of families. But now Evergreen is also home to a sadistic serial killer, someone who is targeting the youngsters of this once peaceful community.
They know the killer lives among them, know that one of their own is tearing this small community apart. They want to deal with it themselves, to track down the killer and deliver their own justice, but can they find him before he rips their home apart?
Evergreen is a serial killer thriller/whodunnit with a macabre and sinister slant. A book not for the faint hearted.
Novella length. Approximately 23.000 words (100 pages)
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Genre – Horror
Rating – PG13
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