Wednesday 19 December 2012

#Orangeberry Book Review - Zoe & Zak and the Ghost Leopard by Lars Guignard

Zoe & Zak and the Ghost LeopardZoe & Zak and the Ghost Leopard by Lars Guignard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don't think this book is for children alone. For an adult, it offers an exciting adventure and opens your heart to the little things you have missed. This is the second book I am reading by Lars Guignard and while both differ in tone, setting and audience, the one thing they do have in common is that the writer has once again drawn on his person experiences to bring you imaginary characters that will live beyond our years.

The Ghost Leopard isn't a book that should be read alone. My son and I enjoyed reading it together. Along the way, he learned about a new culture and in it's own way, this book became an activity for us. I'm sure other parents will say the same thing. I'm more than pleased that the location is India. I was born and raised in England as are my husband and children but once in awhile, it is wonderful to show them a little bit of where 'we all have come from.'

I'm really hoping the next book in the series comes fast, my son and I can't wait!

Would I recommend this read? Oh yes, definitely.

Overall assessment:
Content: 4.5/5
Editing: 4.5/5
Formatting: 4.5/5
Pacing: 4.5/5
Offensive content?: G

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author through Orangeberry Book Tours. I did not receive any payment in exchange for this review nor was I obliged to write a positive one.

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