Tuesday 25 December 2012

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Marketing for Authors: Be Yourself and You’ll Have Fun
For many authors, marketing is a slog. It’s something that seems complex, impossible to wrap one’s head around, and eats into valuable writing time. In the eyes of many, marketing should be left to the marketers, writing to the writers.
I have something to confess: I love marketing. Absolutely bloody love it. And I’m not talking about spamming links to my Amazon page on Twitter — now that would be annoying for all parties involved. No, I’m talking about the fun stuff. Blogging, social media, review requests, guest posts, research — the lot. Marketing need not be a bind. It doesn’t even have to take up much of your time.
Social Media
Some people get bogged down in the idea of social media. It’s easy enough to do what with the sheer amount of social networks out there, but the key is to pick one or two that you can truly excel in.
Personally, I tweet regularly, Facebook a little bit less, and Google+ even less than that. I use Twitter to connect with readers and fellow authors. I don’t ‘spam’ links — instead, I share useful content. I connect with people. After all, isn’t that the point of social media? Y’know, the whole ‘being social’ thing?
One thing I’ve learned in my six months of social media research and usage is that there really aren’t any rules out there. Social media ‘experts’ might try to tell you different, but they are looking for blog hits more than anything. Basically, just be yourself, and don’t annoy people. I’ve tried following expert advice, but it’s through being myself and being interesting that most of my followers connect with me.
Blogging is another absolutely crucial marketing tool that can also be a lot of fun. A blog shouldn’t have to be a slog (ha) — you should have fun with it! Again, the only rule is to be yourself. Imagine your perfect reader. What would they be interested in? Okay, so you’re a horror writer. As well as blogging about your writing, why not focus on some of the latest horror trends within popular culture?
Appeal to yourself. Make the blog you’d want to read. That was, you’re appealing to your ideal target reader. And, if you’re writing about the stuff you love, then it shouldn’t have to be difficult.
Everything is Marketing
I do understand that the whole notion of ‘marketing’ can be frustrating and daunting, but when you understand that everything is marketing, the easier it is to get used to it.
Being yourself on your blog is marketing. Being yourself on social media is marketing. Being yourself…yeah, you got it.
Scrap the notion of the ‘author brand’ and just be yourself. Or, make your author brand yourself. What do you think people find it easier to connect with — a brand or someone showing a bit of personality?
What are your views on marketing? Should authors promote themselves as ‘brands’ or focus on being true to themselves online?
Ryan Casey is a twenty-year old author from Preston, Lancashire, in the UK. When he can’t be found writing, he generally can’t be found. He is the author of What We Saw (launching Dec 6th) and of short stories Something in the Cellar and Silhouette. He regularly blogs about life, writing and marketing tips over at his website. He is also a regular Tweeter and Facebook-er.
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