Sunday 28 July 2013

Author Interview – Colleen Connally

Tell us about your family. I am the daughter of a high school basketball coach and a teacher.  I am one of four children, but I’m the only one that left our home, a small community in northeast Mississippi. I moved up North when I married my husband, whose a native New Englander. We now live in a coastal town on the South Shore outside of Boston. My three children are older now. We have two dogs, a cat and goldfish. I enjoy sports, watching movies, reading a good book, going for long walks and spending time with my family.
Why do you write? I never thought why I write. It is always something I wanted to do. I didn’t start writing until my children were older, but once I started it has become an obsession of sorts. I have all these stories running rampant in my head. My husband calls my office a cave, which may give you an idea of how much time I spend at my craft. Mainly, I write because I love the challenge of creating.
Have you always enjoyed writing? I have always enjoyed writing. When I’m into a book, there is nothing more satisfying than the whole process of creating. I wish that was all I had to do was write. In today’s publishing world, I have to come out of my cave. One needs to promote and network which can be time consuming and pulls me away from writing. I enjoy networking, but it’s the only part of writing that I find frustrating at times. There are not enough hours in the day for everything I want to do.
What’s your greatest character trait? I believe my greatest character trait would be my stubbornness. I never accept anything at face value. If I believe in something, I never let go. Every rejection letter I have received on a manuscript served only as motivation to do better. I learned from each rejection and never gave up on my dream to be published.
 What’s your weakest character trait? I’m overly sensitive. In this business, you can’t be sensitive. Not everyone is going to like your book. You need to be able to accept criticism. It’s hard, especially when you give so much of yourself into your book. On the up side of the criticism, you always have to be open to suggestions. It will only make you a better writer.
What motivates you to write?  Life. Life experiences affect my writing. I’m also a history buff. I get inspired by others’ lives. With Broken Legacy, I drew from an inspirational woman, Irena Sendler. I write about strong women. Irena Sendler saved thousands of lives during WWII. Even though Broken Legacy is set during the French Revolution, I drew from Ms Sendler’s courage and strength to create Eloise.
What writing are you most proud of? This is a hard question to answer. I love all my books for different reasons. But if I have to pin-point one book at this moment in time, it would be Seductive Secrets. I feel the story is original and heartfelt. Seductive Secrets is a free ebook and the response has been amazing. Seductive Secrets has given me confidence in my writing.
 What books did you grow up loving? One of my favorites was To Kill a Mockingbird. It still is. I also loved all the classics, including Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. When I was younger, my favorite was The Hardy Boy Mysteries and Nancy Drew.
Broken Legacy
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