Tuesday 2 July 2013

Author Interview - Samantha Barrett

What are you most passionate about? What gets you fired up? Companies that still test on animals.  We have computers now that can give results of the tests, it is no longer necessary to torture animals and the companies that still do, may think they are saving money not converting, but they aren’t. So many people feel as I do and will no longer purchase items from companies that still test on animals.
What’s your most embarrassing moment of your life? When I was 13 years old, it was Mother’s Day and my whole family, about 18 people, were out to dinner.  I came out of the ladies room when my grandfather yells, in front of everyone, “If I were a younger man, I wouldn’t give you a second look.”  I went back into the ladies room and sobbed for about 10 minutes.

Are you a city slicker or a country lover? Both really.  I have tons of tattoos, but I wear a cowgirl hat to protect my skin from the sun.

What’s the reason for your life? Have you figured out your reason for being here yet? Yes, one of the reasons, is writing this book as I explained earlier, but I got at least 50 years left so I’m sure the other things will be related to animal rescue and supporting no-kill shelters.  Perhaps getting a law passed that makes animal testing illegal.

What social issues interest you the most? The poisons that the food companies are allowed to put in our food.

What is your favorite quality about yourself? I am no longer afraid to speak up for myself, my friends or my family.  I always tell the truth, and when you have the truth on your side, there is no reason to be afraid.

Can you share a little of your current work with us? Yes, my book “Memoirs of a Sex Addict: A Jersey Girl Bares All, by Samantha Barrett, was written to hopefully prevent any other children from feeling the way I did as a child and growing up too fast because of it.  It is a book for adults; parents, teachers, psychiatrists letting them know some of the signs that your child may be suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

Is there a message in your novel (memoir) that you want readers to grasp? My biggest message is to parents.  I want them to be careful what they say; not only to children, but in front of children. They also need to know that you can NEVER compliment your child too much.  Telling them how beautiful they are, how smart they are everyday won’t make them conceited if you raise them right, it will just make them confident.   Finally, I want parents, teachers, cafeteria workers, principals and anyone else who works with children that “harmless teasing” isn’t harmless to every child.  It can be devastating to some.

How much of the book is realistic? The entire book is true, some parts seem unreal, but it’s all true.

Have you included a lot of your life experiences, even friends, in the plot?  The book is filled with my real life experiences, both good and bad.   Many friends and family members are mentioned in the book.

Where do you see yourself in five years? A production company wanted to make a movie out of my book, so probably watching that movie; Very exciting!

Do you have any advice for writers? You need patience, which initially, I was lacking!

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