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What is a Nephilim by Dina Rae

What is a Nephilim by Dina Rae

Halo of the Nephilim, Rae's sequel to Halo of the Damned, explores the possibility of a hybrid species of part angel and part human walking the earth.  Her horror/fantasy novel is not as incredible as it sounds. The Bible and other ancient writings call this being nephilim (both singular and plural).  Genesis hints at the idea of fallen angels mating with humans, but Enoch, Jasher, and Jubilees elaborate in great detail.

Centuries later, the existence of nephilim is still debated today by religious scholars.  Some believe a specific kind of angel called Grigori or Watcher was ordered by God to watch over mankind.  Lust gets in the way.
Many Christians, Jews, and Muslims are already familiar with the fall of Satan.  God's favorite angel wages war against God during Creation and loses.  Satan is so persuasive that one-third of all the angels in Heaven take his side.  He and his renegade are exiled from Heaven for eternity.  Their banishment leads them to Hell.

Satan's fall is not the only fall involving angels.  Most are unfamiliar with the Apocryphal book of Enoch, one of the most holy characters in Biblical times.  Enoch is chosen by the Watchers to intercede for them to God, like their defense lawyer, after they anger Him.  It is unclear if all or some of the Watchers defied God's orders, but an infamous meeting on top of Mount Herman in Israel takes place.  The Watchers form a pact to wed and bed human women.  With their supernatural abilities and charms, seduction is easy.

The result of this forbidden love is a new race called nephilim.  Some of these beings are described as giants with six fingers.  Centuries later, races associated with nephilim are Anakim, Eminem (not the rapper), Refain, and even Annunaki (usually thought to be hybrids of humans and aliens from Nibiru).  These races are considered ancient superheroes.  God holds them responsible for teaching humans and their children advanced technology such as weapons, architecture, tools, agriculture, and cosmetics.  They, along with Satan and the one third of angels who fell with him, are denied God's mercy and forgiveness.

Goliath who was slain by David is probably the most famous of the Old Testament's nephilim.  He comes from the town of Gath, one of the lands of giants.  By the way, Jesus was crucified in Golgotha which translates into place of the skull.  Some believe Goliath's skull was buried in Golgotha.

Looking for a new kind of horror entwined with religion?  Read more about nephilim in Dina Rae's exciting series of Halos.

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