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AK Taylor – Top Ten Favorite Sciences

Top Ten Favorite Sciences

by AK Taylor

I decided to use this top ten to explore one of my many other loves: science. You have to know science to create fictional science or fantastical science and make it make sense for others who want to play. How another world works compared to our world works helps readers believe.

I am a student of all sciences. ~Dr. Emmett L. Brown, Back to the Future Part III


I love learning about the cosmos and all of the heavenly bodies that exist. I fell in love with it learning about the planets. From comets to black holes, asteroids to nebulae and distant galaxies. It’s truly amazing at the diversity that’s out there!


This is probably my most favorite science. It’s known to be a picky science but I love it anyway.  Learning about matter and atoms elements, etc is just cool. Even learning about what makes up the atoms is awesome. I believe the chemistry set I never got had me hooked on this science. It is subdivided into Inorganic and Organic chemistry, but I love them both.


The “chemistry of life”. This goes way beyond 2 hydrogens and one oxygen make water or learning about benzene and other organic compounds. It explores the materials and processes needed to make life possible. Learning about the miracle of life at the molecular level is rewarding


Learning about the chemistry if poisons, organic or inorganic, is fascinating. It seems a bit morbid, but such knowledge is necessary in a world full of poisons. Knowing how to treat them or knowing what they can do can help you stay away. This science gives you the knowledge to combat snake bites, deadly jellyfish, or strychnine poisoning—or why you are taking a risk when you eat fugu (pufferfish) when you go to Japan, or why you shouldn’t touch a dart frog. What is learned is important—especially how much can kill you if you want to eat it or mess with it for whatever reason. Some of the stuff that’s out there whether it’s natural or manmade is scary!


Yes, I like to read about the science of the weather. While relatively simple compared to other sciences, it’s still fascinating. Learning about how thunderstorms work and the mechanics of hurricanes is just fascinating.


The science of the world that can’t be seen with the naked eye. It’s more than just bacteria; there are viruses, prions, protests, and microscopic animals like plankton.


I like to study about the earth. I am more into the physical side of geology rather than the historical. My rock collection as a kid got me hooked on this science. Earthquakes, volcanoes, and soil and how they work is awesome.


This is the umbrella that encompasses a lot of the sciences I enjoy. I am not as much interested in the evolutionary past as I am looking at the diversity and field study and interaction with animals. Here are just a few: entomology (insects), ichthyology (fish), aviology (birds), botany (plants), paleontology (dinosaurs and extinct plants), apiology (honeybees), herpetology (reptiles and amphibians)


For most people this science is their worst nightmare. I enjoy the concepts more than the math, which can get ugly. It explains how the world and universe works at the macro and subatomic level. It is the world in motion. Also we explore magnetic and electric fields, the behavior of electromagnetic energy, and the effects of theoretical temperature extremes such as absolute zero and absolute hot has on matter. Subdivisions are: Quantum Physics (subatomic) and Astrophysics (the universe)

Anatomy and Physiology

These usually go hand in hand—one is focused on structure and the other on how it works. I say this in general since all anatomy and physiology is fascinating, not just for the human body. Learning about how the human body works is a miracle in itself.

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