Tuesday 9 April 2013

PG Forte – My Top Ten Places to Write

      My Top Ten Places to Write

      by PG Forte

      1. My desk. Gotta say it. It might be messy and it’s not as glamorous as some of the other options, but it’s got everything I need within easy reach.

      2. The deck of a cruise ship: It’s got great views. You know the rest of the family is around somewhere having fun and they don’t need you for anything for at least a few hours. Plus the maritime equivalent of cabana boys are always there when you need a refill on your coffee.

      3. My backyard. Right now, I have a beautiful view: trees, flowers, mountains, birds flying overhead, butterflies. All the convenience of home but sometimes I need a change of scene or feel guilty about spending all my time indoors on a beautiful day.

      4. In the car. Admittedly, I haven’t needed to do this in awhile, but back in the day when I was chauffeuring my kids around—to school, dance class, baseball practice, ice skating, you name it—I found I got a lot of work done while parked in the car. Waiting. Sometimes I’d leave the house early so that I’d have time for an extra long session—without having to worry about getting wrapped up in my story and forgetting the time!

      5. Ghirardelli Square. It was just once and—again—the nice thing was knowing the rest of the family was close by, having a good time and not really missing me. Also good coffee, nice view and it’s always nice to know the chocolate’s handy in the event writer’s block strikes without warning.

      6. The French Hotel (in Berkeley). It’s the kind of place where you can sit there all day without buying a thing, if you don’t want to…although why you wouldn’t want a latte is beyond me. And no one will ever ask you to leave. Ever.

      7. Espresso Roma (also in Berkeley). One of the cafés I based the Crone’s Nest on. Beautiful terrace. Good coffee. And a full menu—which really comes in handy if you do end up spending the day.

      8. In a room full of other writers. It might sound counter-productive—how can you concentrate with other people around? But the creative energy is palpable and it’s just FUN!

      9. In a library. My favorite would have to be the North Berkeley branch—although I haven’t seen it since it’s been renovated, so I have no idea if it’s still the same.  Beautiful old architecture. Exactly what a library should be…or at least it was. On the plus side: you’re surrounded by books. If that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is. On the minus side—no coffee!

      10. In the middle of a writers’ convention. Even with all the fun to be had, people still slip away to their hotel rooms to write. Well some people do…sometimes. And why not? There’s a desk. There’s coffee…you’re sensing a pattern here, aren’t you? There’s usually wine. And if you get stuck, tired or finished (yay!) you can always meet your friends in the bar to celebrate.

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