Wednesday 17 April 2013

Orangeberry Free Alert - What’s French for WTF? A Sitcom for Romantics: Paris Brats by Gwen Ellery

What’s French for WTF? A Sitcom for Romantics: Paris Brats - Gwen Ellery

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Genre - Chick Lit, Humor, Women’s Fiction

Rating - PG

4.8 (15 reviews)

Free until 18 April 2013

Check out the new cover and title! Same zany humor--with an edgy new look.
#1 Bestseller in Comic Fiction

--Amazon, November 2012
#2 Hot New Release

--Amazon, October 2012
What readers are saying about this wacky new sitcom for your e-reader
"Very funny ... zany, too, but in a likeable way."
"Wonderfully funny ... I'm happy to see this is a series and look forward to Fern's next adventure."
"I loved reading this story. It is funny and down to earth."
"Funny, entertaining, and fast-paced."
"Just the right length, this story left me eager for more in the future."
Love, hunger, and financial meltdown await Fern and her friends in the City of Light, where it's harder to raise cash than it is to raise heck. Will Fern's loyalty and romantic dreams survive the riot girls, a much-sought-after chamber pot, and the incident of the flying falsie?
Download book one now to find out...
Note: this is a novella, or short novel, and a complete story at 23,000 words. It's like a sitcom for your e-reader. During its first week on Amazon, it hit two bestseller lists in the Kindle Store and was picked as a Hot New Release.


First Place, James D. Phelan Literary Award
First Place, Romancing the Novel Award
Presidential Scholar in the Arts
National Recognition and Talent Search Award
Apprenticeships in Fiction, sponsored by the Arts Council England


"My stomach still hurts because I was laughing so hard. I love reading goofy humor! . . . I can't wait to read more. I forced my husband to read it too, and he said he'd read a book by you and he's allergic to romance."--Kate R.
"I was laughing so much in the long drive-up at the credit union, people were looking at me strangely."--Lesli L.
"I was giggling so loudly, my cat came into the living room to see if I was all right."--Stephanie T.
"It's rare to find an author who is both outrageously funny and seriously stylish like you. Keep up the great work!"--Marius J.
What's French for WTF? is rated PG due to references to off-stage sex. In essence, however, the story is good clean fun.
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