Tuesday 2 April 2013

Schledia Benefield – A Day in the Life of Schledia Benefield

A Day in the Life of Schledia Benefield

In order to be able to share what any given day in my life is like, I would have to share several scenarios with you because my days vary, so I figure I will share what a non-working (outside of writing) day is like for me. I also have working days and double-shift days where I don’t get home until around 9 pm.

On a non-working day during the school week, I set my alarm for 5:15 am. My husband usually has the coffee brewed by that time. I get up, brush my teeth, fix a cup of coffee, and enjoy one cup before my day begins. After my first cup of coffee, I start breakfast for my four children still living at home. While breakfast is preparing, I start making their lunches. By 6 am I am waking up my children to get ready for school. I still set out the clothes for my youngest child. Her hair hangs down a good bit past her waist, so I have to brush and fix her hair every morning as well.

By 6:45 am they are out the door and on the school bus. I try to remember to set out what I will be cooking for supper first thing after the kids head out. I usually get a load of clothes started and unload and reload the dishwasher before sitting down in front of my computer. Then I begin writing. I usually re-read the last couple of chapters I’ve written before starting with a new chapter, just to refresh my memory. I look over my chapter outline and the overview of the chapter I am to write, and then I start typing away.

I usually stop after a few pages and put a load of clothes in the dryer while starting another load and sweeping the floors. Then I head back to the computer to write another few pages. After another page or two (maybe three) is complete, I step away from the computer again to fix my mop water and mop my floors. Then it’s back to the computer while my floors dry.

At that point, I usually write a couple of pages before taking a break to get on the Internet, check my emails, check out Facebook, twitter, and blogs. All of that can be very time consuming, so it is usually lunch time by then.

While I’m making my lunch, I’m usually folding and hanging clothes. I usually wait until after I’ve eaten to put them away, put a load in the dryer, and start another load. If I don’t wash at least three loads a day around here, it gets backed up VERY quickly!

After lunch it’s back to the computer to wrap up writing for the day before I have to begin supper. The children get home close to 4 pm. I am usually working on supper by that point. My youngest is really the only one who regularly needs help with her homework. She sits at the table, so I can cook while I help her. Occasionally the others call for mom to help them too.

At 5 pm my oldest two boys have to be taken to boxing. It’s not too far down the road, so my husband usually drops them off while I finish cooking. He picks them up again at 6, so we are usually all at the table eating supper as a family by 6:15. After supper and laughs (trust me our supper table is NEVER boring), it’s time for everyone to get baths, finish up any unfinished homework, and wind down for the night. The kids have a few shows they enjoy, and my husband and I head to our room to watch our shows before bed.

Well, there you have it…a day in the life of author, Schledia Benefield. I suppose I should add that days like that are rare. Most days I work, but I am unable to write as much on those days because I’m an early-bird writer. I don’t write well at night.

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