Tuesday 29 January 2013

#OBBigBang Orangeberry Big Bang - Frizzy, Dizzy & The Brute by ME Langlands

Updated on 28th December 2012

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>>> Big Bang Limerick

For children from 7-12 years of age with colour pictures.

In the garden the vast dog roars. He leaps into the misty air. He pulls hard on his chain, pushing nose first into the stable. He sniffs frantically, ferociously, tearing the straw from under him.

Secretly, Sid the cat and Windy the horse hide the animals from the moody Brute and his dog. Join the animal family on their adventures to escape from the moody Brute!

Leap into the sky with Rip the rabbit and visit the Bit Bobbers. Be pampered with Mauritia mole in the underground spa. Dare to peep into the scary workshop. Help Mr and Mrs Magpie save their fledglings.

Do the hiding animals escape?  How do they help each other? Can they all learn to live  together with Clare’s help?

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Genre – Fantasy (G)

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