Sunday 6 January 2013

Orangeberry Spring Fling - Sign UP’s

The Orangeberry Spring Fling will be held from Tuesday, 26th March to Tuesday 23rd April 2013. There is a maximum limit of 100 books. Sign-ups close on 15th February 2013.

1. Each author who signs up will receive …

- 5 blog stops (may or may not be consecutively) per book which will include 1 guest post, 1 Top 10 list, 1 review, 1 book feature and 1 author interview.

- 1 TwitterView

- 1 Twitter Blast (#OBSpring #Books)

- 1 Book Blast to a minimum of 50 blogs.

2. Given the delay some blog hosts experienced in receiving their book review copies previously, you will be required to submit a .pdf copy when you sign up. This will be sent to blog hosts who sign up to review your book.

4. There will also be a Kindle Fire giveaway and paid advertising for this event (on GoodReads, book blogs) so there will be a participating fee of $35 per book.

5. The purpose of this marketing campaign is to increase awareness for your book. Increased sales will differ from book to book and we cannot guarantee positive book reviews.

6. This event is open to ALL authors and genres but please indicate the rating for your book accurately.

Please sign up HERE

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