Thursday 16 August 2012

#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - Bactine

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Genre - Steampunk / Sci-Fi 
Rating - 17+
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At this point in the story, Daniel (the main character) has been through several wringers. He was, in a way, thrown out of the military and sent off to a distant planet. He was assigned a task that he was not looking forward to, managed to make a good number of enemies (and also some friends, for good measure). After a struggle on life and death, he is now out of a job and unsure where to go from here, despite an offer from a competitor in the same business as his original employer. We find Daniel in a restaurant, talking to the son of his former employer.

            "Oh, I forgot. My sister does very much not send her best." The man's face revealed that he was proud and amused to convey that bit of information. 
Daniel grinned. "I am sure. She was not very happy, that evening."

The man's sister, Rayko, is one of the people who holds a decent number of grudges against Daniel. One is of his background and lack of sophistication, and the other is because her father at one point was quite fond of Daniel and forced her to entertain Daniel and dance with him during a soirée.

Rayko on the other hand is also troubled by the attention of her father's personal "serving man".

Further in the conversation, Daniel learns that his former employer is quite a dangerous man, making the new job offer even more a perilous issue:

            "Believe me, Daniel. The best way to stay alive around these parts is not to cross my father."

After the meeting in the restaurant, Daniel finds himself in his small living quarters, pondering what he could do next. Should he leave this planet? He has a sister who would support him in any decision he'd make, and a brother who never thought Daniel was worth a lot. Joining the military had made that even worse - this brother is a thorn in Daniel's side. On the other hand he feels that he has some responsibility towards the people he considers his friends on this new planet, people who are in trouble, or can get into them again:

There were people who might be counting on him. But were they? They might assume him to have died. Maybe the people he wanted to rescue were dead already.

At this point in the story, Daniel's life has come just about the worst point possible and he has to make a decision what to do and how to do it.

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