Tuesday 7 August 2012

#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - Hot & Spicy

Genre - Romance Thriller 
Rating - PG
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“Buenos dias, hermano. How are you? You look like you had a bad night.” his hermana Paty laughs. “Do you want some coffee? Is Jessy going to work today?”

“No, Paty, Jessy will start work on Monday. I want her to finish the jobs that she has pending. I won’t be seeing her until probably tonight. Why?” asks Jose Enrique, grabbing a mug so he can pour himself a cup of coffee.

“Bella and I want to see her engagement ring,” said Paty.

“I also bought her the wedding bands and a wedding gift for her. The jeweler will be delivering the wedding bands and wedding gift at the office,” said Jose Enrique smiling, recalling what Jessy had said about the emerald ring.

“Really, you bought the wedding bands? Are they nice? They must be if Jessy picked them out. She did pick them out, right?” asks Paty.

“Si, I allowed her to select whatever she wanted. I want her to have everything y anything she wants, and of course that includes me.” Jose Enrique grins wickedly.

“That is not amusing. That is gross. You don’t have to make me think of you like that. Ugh!” said Paty walking away, thinking.

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