Thursday 9 August 2012

#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - Song of the Fairy Queen

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By the time we’ve reached the 99th page of Song of the Fairy most of the main characters have been established – Oryan High King; Morgan, his High Marshal (general) and Kyriay, the Queen of the Fairy. Oryan has been forced from his throne, his beloved wife Gwenifer is dead, his son Gawain is in hiding for his own safety and Oryan’s half-brother Haerold – a wizard – now sits on Oryan’s throne. The grieving Oryan is trying to wrest his country back from his brother’s hands. Morgan has been organizing the Resistance with the help of Kyriay, and their frequent association has led to a deeper relationship.

In this scene the Resistance, but primarily Morgan and Kyri, are preparing for the first major action against the new ‘King’ – the rescue of one of Oryan’s supporters from his execution.

As in many executions during medieval times, it serves as a kind of entertainment, and it wasn’t uncommon for folk to make an ‘occasion’ of it. More so because Haerold has declared attendance at the execution mandatory.

Morgan and Kyri have slipped into the city, while outside the city walls the rebels wait. The rebels purpose is to draw Haerold’s men away from the center of the city and the site of the execution.

What they’re about to do is particularly difficult because both the ‘King’ and his ‘Queen’ are wizards, but plans are in place to distract them, as long as the ‘Queen’ doesn’t use her scrying abilities to discover them.

Both Kyri and Morgan take their positions. Kyri’s presence especially crucial, her magically concealed wings are crucial to the rescue.

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