Friday 17 August 2012

#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - Until My Soul Gets It Right

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Genre - Contemporary Women's Fiction
Rating - PG13
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Page 99 finds main character Catherine happy to be in Portland, Maine, and away from her family farm in fictional Burkesville, Wisconsin. This is her first Christmas without her family, something she is relishing.

Catherine sets out for her friend and co-worker Patsy Allen’s home where she has been invited for Christmas dinner. Patsy never really talks about her family, so Catherine is interested to see who will greet her on the other side of the door.

From page 99, “Until My Soul Gets It Right (The Bibliophiles: Book Two)”

...walked by LaFemme. She was going to flip out when she opened it. For Mr. and Mrs. Allen, Catherine chose a sweet- faced Santa dressed in green carrying a walking stick from Christmas Bells, of course. She bunched four Little House on the Prairie candy sticks and tied them together with red ribbon for Patsy’s brothers. She had been warned about their potential for rowdiness, which was almost a deal breaker. Who wanted to spend Christmas with some snot-nosed kids? It had to be better than Elbert Farm, though. Right about now, Clara would be lugging in ten pounds of potatoes that needed to be peeled, cut, boiled and mashed, while the men took up residence on the sofa watching football, then basketball on TV.
  “They work hard every day. Deserve a holiday, that’s fer sure,” her mother would say every year. “Now, get to it, Catherine. Those potatoes aren’t gonna peel themselves.”

         Not this year, suckers! Make your own goddamned potatoes. She popped the last gingersnap into her mouth and licked her fingers.

Patsy had talked more about Tom Cruise than her family, so Catherine was curious to see what kind of people lived in this modern Victorian, more streamlined than most, and free of all the frilly gingerbread. Every window was outlined with multicolored Italian lights and had matching wreaths hanging from red ribbons in the center. A gigantic Maine balsam pine wreath adorned the door. She rang the bell.

         “Oh, hi. You must be Catherine. Come on in.” Dark hair, spiked. Echo and the Bunnymen t-shirt. Black jeans. Black converse gym shoes. A cousin, perhaps?

         The Allen home was large and inviting, with dark walnut moldings and trim throughout. An ornate fireplace in the...

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