Monday 27 August 2012

#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - A World Apart

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Genre - Fantasy Adventure 
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With my second novel in The Elencheran Chronicles, I always intended to write a longer, more epic storyline. Fezariu’s Epiphany was the perfect way to start for me but with A World Apart I wanted to push myself even harder and the confidence gained from my first novel gave me the freedom to do this.

On page 99 we are in the first part of the novel where childhood friends – Demetrius, Eleyna and Halcyon – are growing up together in Dove’s Meadow but as they mature they slowly begin to grow apart. On this particular page we are in the midst of an event that will prove pivotal to Eleyna’s future and that of her two friends. She has fallen down an abandoned mine and broken her leg. Demetrius and Halcyon have been unable to find her and Halcyon’s furious father, who works down nearby mines, has sent both boys home.

Halcyon walks Demetrius home and lets him face his father and grandfather alone. Demetrius’ grandfather, Granicus, is furious with Demetrius as he has missed his military training while searching for Eleyna, but his father, Lacuna, manages to assuage the uncomfortable atmosphere in the air. Leading up to this moment Demetrius had been at the centre of a tug of war between his father and grandfather. Granicus wants him to be a soldier, his father a shepherd. Granicus has won the exchange and the gulf between Demetrius and Lacuna has grown.

When Demetrius returns from the abandoned mine believing Eleyna to be dead, it is his father that provides him with comfort; he is the one that Demetrius turns to rather than Granicus. The void between father and son is resolved somewhat in this moment but Lacuna has still lost his son to Granicus’ training. While Granicus heads for the mine to help the townspeople, Lacuna cares for his devastated son.

As for Eleyna, this moment in the novel is when she changes her own perspective on life. Having previously been the little girl that tries to keep up with Demetrius and Halcyon, Eleyna vows that she will be better, stronger and more independent. She laments her weakness in being so helpless in the abandoned mine and from this point on she is determined to never be helpless and vulnerable again.

The childhoods of Demetrius, Eleyna and Halcyon are what shape them as adults. I wanted to put great emphasis on the closeness and unity of the trio during their time in Dove’s Meadow. When Demetrius leaves to join the army having lost Eleyna to Halcyon, it is very much the beginning of the end for that idyll they had once known.

A decade goes by before they are reunited, no longer as friends but as enemies. Eleyna has gone from that weak and helpless girl to becoming the Ivory Rose – the most feared pirate in West Elenchera. Halcyon is her dutiful second in command, while Demetrius is a disgraced soldier charged with hunting down and killing his two friends.

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