Friday 31 August 2012

#OBSummer #Books - Ford 99 - Priscilla the Great

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Genre - Middle Grade 
Rating - G
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Not only is Priscilla the Great a super fun action, adventure comedy, it is also a book about going through teenage changes. One change that Priscilla refuses to accept, however, is her older brother’s relationship with a skank. She tries her best to warn Josh that his girlfriend Stefanie is cheating on him, but he just won’t listen.

Josh poured the Snapple into a glass and placed it on a tray next to Stefanie’s sandwich. “Priss, we’ll talk about this later. But you need to learn to like Stefanie. She’s going to be your sister one day.
I almost puked.

At only sixteen years of age, Josh is so in love with Stefanie that he wants to marry her!

“I don’t know where you’re getting this from or why you would make this up, but Stefanie wouldn’t do that to me. She’s wearing my ring.”

Priscilla just can’t let that happen. She can’t stand around and let someone break her brother’s heart. So she enlists the mischievous skills of her twin five-year-old brothers Charlie and Chester.

For the past year or so Charlie and Chester had perfected a game they liked to call Snot Wars. Basically, they earned points for hitting certain predetermined targets with none other than their own snot.

On the following pages, Stefanie, or Skank-anie as Priscilla likes to call her, gets exactly what’s coming to her and Priss finally gets some proof as to what Stefanie has been up to.

Josh is crushed when he finds out the truth. But his devastation goes deeper than just losing his first girlfriend. Stefanie’s cheating actually turns out to be a life or death situation for our hero Priscilla. Find out what happens in Priscilla the Great book one.

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